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Language (ASL) and use those signs in conversations with each other and their human companions. The chimpanzees' accomplishments are a scientific first and have resulted in a better ... History and Timeline | Mission | Chimpanzees | Chimpanzee Enrichment | Visit the Chimpcam Copyright 2004 Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute The images on this site may not be used without written permission ...

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Their bond with one another is very strong and separation is very stressful. The chimpanzees' human companions do interact through the wire mesh when the chimpanzees solicit tickling, chase games, grooming or ... socially enriched environment where she soon learned to use ASL in daily interactions with her human companions. Moja, Dar and Tatu were immersed in ASL in a similar fashion. In 1979, Loulis ... More from this site

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He likes to stay nearby his human companions. "Dylan" is a neutered male and is between 5-6 years old and has all ... web site. More... "Charlotte" wants to go home with you (June 15, 2007) Charlotte needs human companions that can give her plenty of attention. She is very lovable and a great companion ...

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It cannot be stressed enough that ... off their high energy by romping around, interacting with each other as well as their human companions. The antics of the ferret will surely keep you laughing for hours on end, as ...

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American Sign Language from her human companions. She was the first non-human in history to acquire a human language. Meet Washoe's ... blog, Pan bloglodytes. The chimpanzees at the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute - Loulis, Tatu, and Dar - have acquired extensive ... first non-human animal to acquire a human language and her adopted son Loulis is the first to acquire a human language from ...

Friends of Washoe: Meet the Family - Tatu's Biography
Full Name: Oklahoma Tatu. Oklahoma is her place of ... the CHCI and seems to enjoy talking to chimpanzee and human companions, as well as to herself. She often signs BLACK. We ... : Tatu seems to enjoy signing activities, chatting with her chimpanzee and human companions, teasing, and signing to herself. She is always ready for ... More from this site

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PAWS staff waited with vans for Maggie's human companions on the trip and Air Force personnel who would accompany her to ARK 2000, another ... . She is definitely a very bold little girl who has already charmed everyone at PAWS- human and elephant. PM-- Maggie laid down for most of the night. DAY FOUR-- Monday, November ...

Performing Animal Welfare Society -- PAWS
They are adapting readily to their new environment and human companions, and they are both becoming confident in their surroundings and the positive reinforcement training sessions ... More from this site

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Jon Katz recognized that many pet dogs are being treated as surrogates for human relationships. He surmised that in our increasingly fragmented society of long commutes, spread out families ... attacks them later on. Unlike dogs, which have been evolving for millennia to be compatible human companions, primates are still wild animals and nearly all attempts to keep them as pets fail ...
NASA 'Space' Chimps in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Roger & Deborah Fouts direct the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute at Central Washington University. They have over 30 years experience communicating with ... their human companions. You may recall the chimpanzee Washoe. Washoe is the first non human animal to acquire a human language and her adopted son (Loulis) is the first to acquire a human ...

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