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LWE Herd
Herd embraces both Human and Elephant members Douglas & Sandi Groves with their three adopted elephants Jabu, Thembi and Morula compose the core of the Herd. This very special Human Elephant family founded Living ...

Living With Elephants Projects Living With Elephant Foundation (LWE) is a Botswana registered non-profit organization, dedicated to creating harmonious relationships ... Research projects which benefit both elephants and people sharing range. The Elephant Outreach Program (our environmental education project) The Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Project (our applied research project) visit also the ... More from this site

WWF - African elephant programme
Elephant Programme aims to conserve forest and savanna elephant populations across Africa by supporting projects that improve protection and management, build capacity within range states, mitigate human-elephant ...

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Elephant-human conflict Created 17 january 2004 The elephant´s child by Rudyard Kipling Created 16 january 2004 AfESG (African Elephant Specialist Group) Created 15 january 2004 EEKMA (European Elephant ...

Selected links to elephant websites around the world
Elephants of Sri Lanka (elephant home page website) EMOA Elephant Management & Owners Ass. in Southern Africa (elephant ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: India's elephant conflict
I arrived in Assam 12 days earlier, curious about something called "human-elephant conflict," a concept that to Western ears sounds like late-night comedy material. But ... her stunning portfolio takes you there. World Wildlife Fund Find out more about the ongoing human-elephant conflict from the World Wildlife Fund, a global leader in conservation. Shop National Geographic ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Elephant
African elephant conservation program in Kenya Elephants in the wild need large areas of land to roam and feed, but as they range, they often come into conflict with human settlements. This project will research elephant feeding and travel patterns within the Northern Rangelands Trust region. Researchers from our ...

San Diego Zoo Podcasts » Blog Archive » iZoofari Chat: Baby Elephant Update
(Too bad the human world doesn’t take notice) We were fortunate to visit ... of the newest elephant baby in our Baby Elephant photo gallery at Her photos ... and is being monitored closely. The elephant calf is not currently available for public viewing. Elephant calves have been successfully hand- ... More from this site

Volunteer with Elephants in Sri Lanka
All of these efforts help to develop sustainable wildlife conservation strategies to protect the elephant over the long-term. Reduced to fewer than 3,500 in the wild, the elephant ... Does This Project Make? The Sri Lankan elephant faces an uncertain future. Reduced to fewer than 3,500 in the wild, the elephant has suffered from habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, ...

WWF - Human - Animal Conflict
Human-elephant conflict project in western Kenya Human-elephant conflict in Namibia Human-elephant conflict in Nepal Elephants get a chilli reception Is your ice cream bad for elephants? Download Common Ground - Solutions for reducing the human ...

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