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Tiger in Cambodia
Hunter Weiler the gold medal of Sahametrei. Phnom Penh Post July 29 2004. Community Wildlife Ranger Program in Global Tiger Forum News: •Weiler, H. ... filmed in northern Cambodia •Tiger, Tiger in the Raw CAT's Hunter Weiler helps the Phnom Penh Post take a hard look at ... : Search for the Kouprey 1998: Phnom Penh Post: Profile of Hunter Weiler CAT Home CAT Sitemap DONORS US Fish and Wildlife Service ...

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Hunter Weiler, CAT's project manager in Cambodia, says the chances ... a few] cameras hidden on the trails," says CAT's Hunter Weiler. "One of the tiger's weaknesses is its trail. ... perform triage with actual conservation efforts involving vigorous anti-poaching measures." Weiler adds that immediate intervention rather than the luxury of ...

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Hunter Weiler of the Cat Action Treasury, a conservation group based in the United States. A total ... tigers, 3 leopards and over 100 wild deer and other species, the report said. Mr. Weiler said the number of large animals killed in the other 21 provinces would push the ... More from this site

Station. Hicks, J. F. 1990. Ecuador's Amazon Region. Washington D.C.: The World Bank. Hunter, C., and H. Green. 1995. Tourism and the Environment: A sustainable relationship? London and New ... Travel in Contemporary Societies. London: Sage Publications. Valentine, P. 1993. Nature-based tourism. In B. Weiler and C.M. Hall, eds. Special Interest Tourism. London: Belhaven Press. 105-128. Van den ...

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