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Waves and Hurricane Winds: Florida Environment Radio
Rethinking Hurricane Models in today's Florida Environment... New research on hurricane winds and waves may provide more accurate storm forecasts. Research meteorologist Mark Powell headed the effort which demonstrated that the ocean surface of a storm sees higher winds than existing models allowed for... fe30328 From a hurricane research ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Hurricane Katrina- 8/29/2005
Research Center: Hurricane Katrina- 8/29/2005 USGS Home Contact USGS Search USGS National Wetlands Research Center Home / ... Hurricane Information Hurricane Research at NWRC NWRC Hurricane Information Page NWRC Hurricane Issues and Capabilities Other Responses to Hurricane Katrina For a National Perspective of Hurricane Katrina's Impacts Visit the USGS Homepage 2005 Aerial Photography of Hurricane ...

Hurricane Katrina Search and Rescue - National Wetlands Research Center
Wetlands Research Center and USFWS Assists in Hurricane Katrina's Search and Rescue August 31, 2005 On Wednesday, volunteer scientists from the USGS National Wetlands Research Center ... Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Special Feature Photographs from the Rescue Hurricane Research at NWRC NWRC Hurricane Information Page NWRC Hurricane Issues and Capabilities Accessibility FOIA Privacy Policies and Notices ... More from this site

Overview of Research at Rosenstiel School
Research Overview Atmos. Science Geosciences Marine Biology Oceanography Policy Research at Rosenstiel School Rosenstiel School puts the “hurricane” in the University of Miami hurricanes. Hurricane research, that is. But the school's hurricane research ...

Overview of Research at Rosenstiel School: Atmospheric Sciences
Current areas of research include: Hurricane research involving rainbands and rapid intensification Additional hurricane studies that use airborne in-situ measurements, ocean probes and coupled discrete numerical models Remote sensing research ... More from this site

Climate-Related Core Issues - Extreme Weather
AP story on Brazil storm International Hurricane Research Center Time story on Katrina and Global Warming National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR): Are ...

BP gives $500m to biofuels research -
The grant, to finance a new research institute for 10 years, ... with a planned launch in 2007. The company already finances research into carbon emissions at Princeton. Lord Browne said: "We believe ... consumption fell in the US as price rises cut demand and hurricane damage hit supply. The review confirmed coal as the world' ...

NCAR Weather/Meteorology Research: 1 to 10-day Forecasting
THORPEX, a long-term research program organized under the World Meteorological Organization's World Weather Research Program. THORPEX research seeks to accelerate improvements in the accuracy ... U.S. Weather Research Program, NCAR is working to improve forecasts of rain and snow, particularly in the situations where they matter most, such as a hurricane landfall. Among other ...

NCAR Societal Impacts Research: Encouraging Scientific and Societal Collaboration
Us NCAR Directorate NCAR People & Organization NCAR Annual Reports NCAR Strategic Plan research Research Overview Climate Meteorology Societal Impacts Atmospheric Chemistry/Pollution Whole Earth System Sun ... Press Tip Sheet: Scientists Available to Discuss Floods, Droughts [more] Tip Sheet: Explaining Hurricane Behavior, Impacts, and Possible Links to Global Warming [more] Tip sheet: Kyoto Protocol ... More from this site

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Research
Research Laboratory National Severe Storms Laboratory Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Climate Program Office National Sea Grant College Program Office of Ocean Exploration and Research Research Which communities should be evacuated before a hurricane ...

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