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Pacific Hydro - Our History
Hydro acquired the Chilean Coya and Pangal hydro plants. The acquisition was an attractive investment, diversifying our international hydro portfolio as well as complementing our existing development activity in Chile. Pacific Hydro ... Excellence Award for the Ord River Hydro Project. 1997 Construction commences on the Bakun Hydro Project. Pacific Hydro receives the 1997 AustEnergy Exporter ...

Pacific Hydro - Environment
We aim to lead in ... around our hydro projects. The program at our Bakun Hydro Scheme in the Philippines has been particularly successful in protecting and maintaining existing forest cover, encouraging significant reforestation and rehabilitating slopes damaged from previous agricultural practices. Privacy | Disclaimer | © 2006 Pacific Hydro ... More from this site

Consumer Energy Center Renewable Energy
The entire process is called "hydroelectricity". Top of Page Types of hydro facilities The water used by hydro plants can be flowing in natural streams or rivers, or contained in man-made ... of the turbine. Small or low-impact hydro may be a misnomer. Size of energy-producing facilities doesn't necessarily mean smaller environmental impacts. Hydro plants along small rivers or streams may ...

Hydro Power Scotland | Use of Hydro Energy in the Scottish Highlands and Islands
For the foreseeable future, hydro ...

Hydro-Action Industries Onsite Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems Home Page
Hydro-Action Industries manufactures environmentally effective aerobic wastewater treatment systems for onsite residential and high-strength commercial use. Our AP Series aerobic wastewater treatment plants and Set ... .. TurtleDrip™! A complete Low-Pressure Dosing System, self-cleaning and easy to install. Hydro-Action Industries is proud to announce the very first next-generation low-pressure ...

Hydro-Action Industries Product Line Overview
DETAILS: OPS® Operations/Control Center The Hydro-Action Industries OPS® Operations Control System is a full-featured line of aerobic treatment ... controls are used in the Set-N-Go® line as in our AP Series treatment plants. DETAILS: TurtleDrip Effluent Management System The TurtleDrip Wastewater Effluent Management System filters and improves ... More from this site

Hydro-Dyne Engineering Inc - Water and Wastewater Fine Screens for Municipal, Industrial and MBR Plants
Wastewater Fine Screens for Municipal, Industrial and MBR Plants Home Products Products Overview Triden™ Screen Hydro-Flo™ Screen Wiese-Flo® Screen Septage Receiving ... and Correctional Institutions Combined Storm Overflow Pump and Lift Stations Package Plants Sludge and Septage Screening Municipal Water -------------------------------------------------------------------- Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) ...

Hydro International Wet Weather Wastewater Technology
Overview The CSO Challenge Product Portfolio Hydro-Static® Screen Hydro-Jet® Screen Heliscreen® Storm King® with Swirl-Cleanse™ Hydro Vortex Drop™Shaft Reg-U-Flo® ... plants. Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve Flow Control A self-activating vortex flow control device that provides superior hydraulic performance over conventional flow regulators. Patented features reduce maintenance requirements. © 2008 Hydro ...

Hydro International Wastewater -Grit King Advanced Vortex Grit Removal System – Overview
For more information, download the Grit King Flyer Applications • New wastewater treatment plants • Treatment plant retrofits • Grit removal for potable water • Grit removal for ... clean grit • Easily linked with new or existing plants • Economical to own and operate • Compact design • Minimal headloss © 2008 Hydro International All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions | ... More from this site

Hydro-Dyne Engineering Inc - Products
Info Representatives Contact Us Triden™ Hydro-Flo™ Wiese-Flo® Septage Receiving Filter Stepper® Washing Compactor™ Screw Conveyor Compressors Hydro-Dyne® Products The Triden™ Screen The Hydro-Flo™ Screen The Wiese-Flo® ... screening. The Filter Stepper Screen is a low flow screen designed for smaller treatment plants and small open channel flows. Opening sizes range from 2.5mm to 9mm. Simple ...

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