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Glossary of Terms | Indoor Air | Air | US EPA
HYPERSENSITIVITY DISEASES: Diseases characterized by allergic responses to pollutants. The hypersensitivity diseases most clearly associated with indoor air quality are asthma, rhinitis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis ...

An Introduction to IAQ | Indoor Air Quality | Air | US EPA
Symptoms of some diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever, may also show up soon after exposure to some indoor air pollutants ... More from this site

MedlinePlus: Molds
Prevention/Screening Allergens and Irritants: Mold Spores(National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) Specific Conditions Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis(American Lung Association) Indoor Environmental Asthma Triggers - Molds(Environmental Protection Agency) Also available in Spanish ...

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Topics beginning with F
Family troubles - resources Fanconi's anemia Fanconi syndrome Farmer's lung see Hypersensitivity pneumonitis Farsightedness Fasciculations of muscle see Muscle twitching Fasciitis - necrotizing see Necrotizing soft tissue infection Fast ... More from this site

EHP: Volume 109, Number 9 September 2001
Aila Shah, Christopher R. Gonzales, and Paul W. Mielke p. 973 [HTML] [PDF] Grand Rounds Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis from Ordinary Residential Exposures Michael J. Apostolakos, Harold Rossmoore, and William S. Beckett p. 979 ...

Index: BA: Merck Manual Home Edition
Bacteria Bacterial overgrowth syndrome Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome Bad breath (halitosis) Understanding Halitosis Bagassosis What Causes Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis? Bakers cyst Baker's Cysts Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in renal tubular acidosis Renal Tubular ...

Index: PN: Merck Manual Home Edition
Pneumonitis aspiration Unusual Interstitial Lung Diseases chemical Aspiration Pneumonia: Chemical Pneumonitis Hydrocarbon Poisoning in HIV infection Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection: Symptoms hypersensitivity Who Is at Risk of Environmental Lung Diseases? Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis What Causes Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis ... More from this site

Environmental Health Perspectives: Volume 115, Number 2, February 2007
Mark Bonnell, Kent Woodburn, and Thomas Parkerton 255 [ Abstract ] [ Full ] [ PDF ] Environmental Medicine RESPIRATORY DISEASE | Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis-like Granulomatous Lung Disease with Nontuberculous Mycobacteria from Exposure to Hot Water Aerosols Akshay Sood ...

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"A number of well-identified illnesses, such as Legionnaire's disease, asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever, have been directly traced to specific building problems. These are called building ...

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