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Research > Conservation > Cape Ann Whale Watch Researchers studying a Southern Right Whale - Patagonia, Argentina Photo: Iain Kerr They're Not Saved Yet The Whale Conservation Institute (WCI) was founded in 1971 by ...

Ocean Alliance - PARTNERS
Organizations > Individual Donors > "More Thanks To" > Donor of the Month Humpback mother and calf Photo: Iain Kerr The Ocean Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of whales and ... More from this site

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Annual Chevron Conservation Awards Honors Iain Kerr of Acton, Massachusetts for Work to Improve Ocean Environment. SAN RAMON, Calif., October 6, 2006 Iain Kerr has spent his life reversing the ... with Walter B. Gerken Community Service Award Ocean Alliance President Dr. Roger Payne, CEO Iain Kerr, and Board Co-Chairman Jeff Kunz were presented the 11th Annual Walter B. Gerken ...

Details > Internships > How to Support the Ocean Alliance > Latest News A Right Whale Photo: Iain Kerr Mission Statement The Ocean Alliance is dedicated to the conservation of whales and ... - Chairman Thomas Tilas - Vice-Chairman (Metcalf & Eddy) Ronald Christensen, Ph.D. - Secretary (Entropy Limited) Iain Kerr - VP/CEO Andrew Morse - Member (New York, NY) Advisory Board Scott Cain (Unilever IT ... More from this site

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