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Carbon Credits in Indonesia Could Affect Climate Change, Orangutan Survival
British biologist Dr. Ian Singleton, conservation director for the SOCP. Unless more Indonesians become sensitized to orangutans as ... scientists can track their movements and given tattoos so they can be identified. Dr. Ian Singleton, left, and Asril Abdullah, one of his colleagues from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme ...

Great Ape Trust in Sumatra
Great Ape Trust), Dr. Sri Suci Utami Atmoko, Dr. Ian Singleton and I conducted surveys throughout Sumatra for the Golden Ark Foundation. Historically, and until at ... More from this site

Everest and Himalaya autumn 2003 Expeditions
Expedition leader: Dave Pritt. Paul Noble Expedition members: Dr. Mike Brennan (UK), Ian Gibb (UK), Serena Brocklenbank (UK), Tom Clowes (UK), Ben Clowes (UK), Raymond "Ray" Smith ... Berryman, Alec Burrell, Stew Boyce, Adrian Mellor, Uisdean Macdonald, Ben McInnes, Andy Muddiman, Ian Singleton, Dave Tait, Ian Venables, Sam Marshall, Dick Gale. First ascent Makalu East - ...

Externe Mitarbeiter
Mitarbeiter in der Schweiz und in Indonesien unterstützt: Dr. Ian Singleton Leiter Naturschutz Indonesien Der Orang-Utan Spezialist und langjähriger PanEco-Mitarbeiter Ian Singleton ist massgeblich am Erfolg des SOCP beteiligt. Er leitet nicht ...

Tangkahan. Danach treffen Sie in Medan den Leiter des Orang-Utan Schutzprogramms SOCP, Dr. Ian Singleton. Die Reise geht weiter in die Provinz Aceh, wo Sie vom Primatologen Dr. Carel van ... More from this site

UNEP/GRID-Arendal - Publications - The Last Stand of the Orangutan - Contributors
Catherine McMullen, UNEP-DEWA; Yarrow Robertson, Leuser Development Programme; Helen Buckland, Sumatran Orangutan Society; Ian Redmond, Ian Singleton, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, and many others for valuable comments and assistance in the drafting ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 09.01.05
Steven Weisberg. Production design, Laurence Dorman. Music, Mark Mancina. Starring Natasha Richardson, with Ian McKellen, Marton Csokas, Hugh Bonneville. With Judy Parfitt, Gus Lewis and Joss Ackland. Paramount ... : After their mother is murdered, four brothers reunite to avenge her death. From John Singleton, the director of 2 Fast 2 Furious, this disappointing film stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese ...

The Good City - On location: Place and Politics in a Changing City
Public Garden where the swanboats celebrated their centennial a year or so ago. And John Singleton Copley, the great portraitist who went to London but remains in place, poor soul, on ... stench and degradation of the waterways around. Design with Nature, the calling and title of Ian McHarg's classic, a century and a half away, was Olmsted's credo and the ...

TNEP Individual Supporters
Doctors for the Environment, Australia David Singleton -- Chief Executive Officer, Arup Australasia, 2003 Brunnel Laureate Charlie and Cheryl with David Singleton David Suzuki -- Author, Earth Time ... Zealand Heather Tallent -- Outreach Coordinator, University Leaders for a Sustainable Future Prof. Ian Lowe -- Griffith University Prof. Istemi Demirag -- Chair, British Accounting Association's ...

The Natural Advantage of Nations (Vol. 1) - Acknowledgements
Gary Codner and Tim Macoun. Project partners • ARUP, in particular David Singleton and Cathy Crawley. • HATCH, in particular Stephen Gale and Philip Bangerter. • Queensland ... Kemp David Kimber David Singleton David Suzuki David Yencken Dennis O’Neill Dick Smith Don Henry Fiona Waterhouse Gary Codner Graeme Pearman Greg Bourne Heather Lloyd Heather Tallent Ian Lowe Istemi ... More from this site

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