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Ecosystems Branch - Identified Wildlife Management Strategy
Identified Wildlife Management Strategy – Wildlife Habitat Areas • Approved Wildlife Habitat Areas • Accounts & Measures • Establishment of Wildlife Habitat Areas • Identified Wildlife Management Strategy 2004 • Identified Wildlife ...

Wildlife - Home
Wildlife: Ecology, Soils, and Terrain Related Sites Reports & Publications Conservation Data Centre RISC Standards Biodiversity and Wildlife in BC Wildlife Management Wildlife Viewing Identified Wildlife ... More from this site

Falklands Conservation: The Urgent Need
We need to be able to expand this work and also develop ways of ... remote areas. A large military garrison has effectively doubled the local population. Community education covering wildlife and conservation is vital. Environmentally sensitive sites need identifying and protecting. We employ an ...

Motley Island Nature Reserve
Motley's Plants Recent surveys have increased the plant species identified on Motley to 82, including 56 of the 163 species classed as native to the ... More from this site

Fish and Wildlife Service
This may be to correct broken links that you have identified or provide additional information that you have requested. Visit ... : Credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo by Robert Shallenberger/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or USFWS photo (if the ... symbols, and the "blue goose" image used to identify wildlife refuges. Comments? Questions? Please check our answers to Frequently Asked ...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Science Excellence Initiative
To help define what we want to be known for, the Service Directorate identified a set of conservation principles, which were sent out to everyone in the Service for ... of scientific excellence and commitment to wildlife research and management." – Dan Svedarsky, President, The Wildlife Society. “Scientific integrity is a hallmark of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s employees and ... More from this site

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Staff Profile
Wildlife Research Center Staff Profile USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Staff Profile Walter Nelson Beyer USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center ... in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. With his colleagues, he identified zinc poisoning in geese, a swan and a mallard ... Connor, and S. Gerould. 1994. Survey of soil ingestion by wildlife. Journal of Wildlife Management 58:375-382. Return to Staff Profiles ...

Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands: Science and Conservation – Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region
The survey information has already identified several significant trends, including the significant decline of Black Tern populations in ... Canadian Wildlife Service does research in many fields of wildlife biology. In 1997, the Canadian Wildlife Service (formerly the Dominion Wildlife Service) celebrated its fiftieth year. Visit the Canadian Wildlife ...

The Lands Council - Advocates for Inland Northwest Forests, Water & Wildlife Spokane, WA
Urban Forest Council Climate Change Water Main Page Water Watch Environmental Health Climate Change Wildlife Main Page Caribou Protection Caribou Protection A very Faustian choice is upon us: ... motorized recreation are some of the identified causes of habitat loss, predation, and increased mortality of the species. One of the primary threats identified by federal agencies and the conservation ...

NPC Online Library: NPC Noise Effects on Wildlife Fact Sheet
Brattstrom, 1979) Ninety-eight species of birds and mammals on national park lands have been identified as threatened or endangered. The impacts on these species from aircraft noise are largely ... 1988. Effects of aircraft noise and sonic booms on domestic animals and wildlife: A literature synthesis. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. National Ecology Research Center, Ft. Collins, CO NERC-88/ ...

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