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China declared trade export to & import from the USA of wood products and furniture and other wood product illegal timber forest origin Japan EU transfer pricing fraud
Japan EU transfer pricing fraud Illegal Timber Attempts to combat global trade in "illegal timber" risk being largely futile unless ... illegal timber" should take into account that such crime might well be widespread outside the timber and paper industries, including in countries which do not export large quantities of illegal timber ...

Equatorial Guinea tropical log exports imports China Illegal Timber Rimbunan Hijau Shimmer Mafrica Congo Basin Oil CITES Monte Alén Okoumé
Equatorial Guinea tropical log exports imports China Illegal Timber Rimbunan Hijau Shimmer Mafrica Congo Basin Oil CITES Monte Alén Okoumé Equatorial Guinea Equatorial ... its log exports. This indicates that Rimbunan Hijau's timber exports (and China's imports) from Equatorial Guinea (as elsewhere) should be deemed illegal. Rimbunan Hijau is understood to have threatened to ... More from this site

illegal timber | Greenpeace UK
Tags: plywood, osb, illegal timber, FSC, forests Read more New Greenpeace report to help construction companies avoid illegal plywood UK remains major player in illegal timber trade despite fact that ... was the third largest importer of illegal timber in the world, spending around £712 million a year on illegal wood. Tags: press releases, plywood, illegal timber, FSC, forests Setting A New ...

Illegal timber export, Dar es Salaam
Illegal timber export, Dar es Salaam English | French | Home About Us Projects Reports Forest Company Information How You Can Help News and Press Releases News Links and Photos Illegal timber export, Dar es ... Tanzania. However, the timber that you see in the video is quite clearly another hardwood species, and not teak. The exportation of other timber species in logs is illegal in Tanzania. The ...

Timber Trade Action Plan - Forests Forever
European markets. Increasing the trade in legal timber will help generate fair market competition and appropriate pricing, putting companies who invest in legal sources at an advantage. The Timber ... the EC illegal logging programme can do for you TTAP website What is Sustainable Timber?The UK Timber TradeCorporate Social ResponsibilityIndustry CommitmentsResponsible Timber ...

Masalai i Tokaut - The Archives
Dr Iamo puts the government in breach of World Bank agreements The illegal amendment of the Timber Permit for West Gadaisu and the illegal extension of ...

Annie Kajir -- the lawyer who won't be scared off by the robber barons of Papua New Guinea's timber industry. | July 2006 | New Internationalist
Around the world, forest the size of a football field is lost every second. In PNG -- where illegal logging is nurtured by governments' long-standing lucrative relationships with sections of the timber industry -- as much as ... she can put her present case: `A lot of the illegal timber is bought by China and Japan, then converted to products ...

Illegal Logging - Forests Forever
They work with suppliers and other stakeholders towards the complete elimination of illegal logging. An introduction to illegal logging EU trade initiative on Illegal ... - Home page
UK Department for International Development. Illegal logging and the international trade in illegally logged timber is a major problem for many timber-producing countries in the developing world. ... importing timber and wood products without ensuring that they are legally sourced. In recent years, however, producer and consumer countries alike have paid increasing attention to illegal logging. ... - Countries & Regions
New to this website ... Biodiversity, deforestation and habitats ... Communities, livelihoods and illegal logging ... Aid and public finance ... Banks ... Land conversion and agribusiness ... ... illegal logging causing much of the destruction. Illegal logging in Asia appears to be a regional problem, which is unlikely be adequately addressed at the national level. Much of the illicit timber ... More from this site

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