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The Jane Goodall Institute
University Gazette "The award, given at an afternoon ceremony at the New England Aquarium's Imax theater in Boston, recognizes Goodall's lifetime of work, both in groundbreaking studies of East Africa ...

OMNIMAX Dome Theater
Science Resources Science Whatzit OMSI Home > Visit OMSI > OMNIMAX Dome Theater NEW! Online ticket sales: Save time and reserve your ... -degree, stadium seating, the OMNIMAX® Dome Theater is a cinematic experience unlike any other. The theater's IMAX® projection system uses ... note that all films shown in the OMNIMAX Theater are in the immersive 2D IMAX Dome format. MacGillivray Freeman Films Video ...

The Human Brain - Welcome
Tuttleman IMAX Theater at The Franklin Institute Science Museum. Index of all Pages ┬ ...

Great places to see marmots
At one point there was advertising for the attractions at the park (rides and IMAX theater) and the spokesmen were superheros : Captain Spokane and his sidekick Marmot Boy!" Europe There are ...

Minnesota Zoo/Guests/Contact Us
Questions about shows at the Great Clips IMAX Theater: IMAX Web Site IMAX Toll Free Phone: 1.877.660.4629 IMAX Information Line: 952.431.4629 Minnesota Zoo 13000 Zoo Boulevard ...

Minnesota Zoo/Admissions
Maps Map of the Zoo Daily Show Schedules Current Events Shops and Food Great Clips IMAX Theater Information Group Packages Rent-A-Zoo (plan an event) Accessibility Information Stroller & Wheelchair Availability For ... to change *Movie prices may vary Movie prices may vary. Please visit the Great Clips IMAX Theater website for current movie prices. More from this site

National Geographic Film: Lewis & Clark--Theater Listings
August 31, 2005 Raleigh, North Carolina Exploris IMAX Theater January 15, 2005, through May 30, 2006 St. Louis, Missouri Gateway Arch Odyssey Theater May 29, 2004, through May 28, ... Giant Screen Theater April 30, 2005, through March 31, 2006 Washington, DC National Museum of Natural History September 20, 2002, through December 31, 2006 West Yellowstone, Montana Yellowstone IMAX Theater ...

Forces of Nature: Giant-Screen Film--Theater Listings--Science, Maps, Photos, Video (National Geographic)
June 30, 2006 Raleigh, North Carolina IMAX Theater at Exploris May 1, 2006, through January 31, 2007 Richmond, Virginia Science Museum of Virginia, Ethyl IMAX Dome September 18, 2004, through ... Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Science North January 30, 2006, through September 4, 2006 Sydney, Australia IMAX Theater Sydney September 25, 2004, through September 25, 2006 Taichung, Taiwan National Museum of ... More from this site

National Air and Space Museum Contact Information
Questions Smithsonian Copyright and Image Use National Air and Space Museum Visitor Information Lockheed Martin IMAX« & Theater & Einstein Planetarium General Visitor Information, Contacting Smithsonian Staff: Web: Email: info ...

National Air and Space Museum National Mall Building
Atlantic in 1927. The Museum offers 22 exhibition galleries, the Lockheed Martin IMAX« Theater, flight simulators, a three-level Museum shop, and a food-court-style restaurant. Docent ... showCosmic Collisions. launches visitors on a thrilling trip through space in a spectacular immersive theater experience. The Stars Tonight offers a relaxing journey through the current night sky. (Varying ... More from this site

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