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Inuvialuit Bowhead Harvest
Inuvialuit Bowhead Harvest Source: Inuit Whaling, published by Inuit Circumpolar Conference, June 1992, Special Issue Author: Les Carpenter Inuvialuit Bowhead Harvest After years of negotiation, planning and preparations between the Inuvialuit ... all six Inuvialuit communities in the Settlement Region. It is the intent of the Inuvialuit to continue to pursue their right to harvest the bowhead whale. ...

Marine Mammal Hunts
UK, 1995. Sealer and Fisherman, Gary Troake and his boat. Twillingate, New Foundland. (Photos) Inuvialuit Bowhead Harvest. From "Inuit Whaling" The Inuit Circumpolar Conference, 1992 Maximizing Our Seal Resources for the ... Questions & Answer's., ICR 2000 Seal Pup Hunt. High North news, 1995 The Namibian Seal Harvest. High North news, 1995 Whaling - A Part of Our Culture. Kaj Egede, Minister of ... More from this site

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