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Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Teaching Resources Catalogue
Save the Bogs Gift Catalogue. Cutover & Cutaway Bogs Education Pack A 120 page pack for transition year students in full colour focusing on the cutover and cutaway bogs of the Irish Midlands. ... introduction to peatlands. It provides information on the formation, flora, fauna, archaeology and conservation of Irish bogs in an easy to follow programme. Ideal stimulus for project work with primary and ...

IPCC Bogs & Fens of Ireland Conservation Plan 2005 - Conservation Strategy
Irish Peatland Conservation Council Comhairle Chaomhnaithe Phortaigh na hÉireann ACTION FOR BOGS & WILDLIFE Bogs & Fens of Ireland Campaigns Actions 2005 News Archive Current Issues & Campaigns Information sheets Factsheets Index Home Join IPCC Irish Bogs ... More from this site

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Who We Are
Irish Peatland Conservation Council (Comhairle Chaomhnaithe Phortaigh na hÉireann) is an independent conservation charity. We were established in 1982 to campaign for the conservation of a representative sample of living intact Irish bogs ... )45 860133 Telephone : +353 - (0)45 860481 e-mail us here The Irish Peatland Conservation Council is a Company Limited by Guarantee, with ...

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Index of Web Site Resources
Allen Visitor Map and Guide Habitat Studies Irish Raised Bogs Irish Blanket Bogs Irish Fens Bog Woodlands Cutover & Cutaway Bogs Cutover & Cutaway Bogs Explorer's Guide The Conservaton ... Irish bogs Pollen History preserved in bogs Bounty from the Bogs Factors Affecting Bogs The Value and Use of Peatlands for Education Windfarms and the Conservation of Upland Areas Effects of Turbary on Raised Bogs ... More from this site

Welcome to Froggyville! - Frog News!
South Wales in Australia. It is very clever, enjoy. A Pot Of Irish Frogs by Eddie O'Hara There was a man who came ... take a chance On eating legs of Irish frogs That croaked out on the Irish bogs The Frenchman squished the Irish bogs Until he found a pool of frogs ... Till the frogs leapt onto the pot’s wide brim They were Irish to the brogue, and their chorus flowed Through a delightful (slurred) ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
UK Climate Impacts Programme with the help of several English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish environment agencies and non-governmental organisations like the Royal Society for the Protection of ... flooding. The habitats most sensitive to climate change impacts are montane habitats and raised bogs, which are vulnerable to loss of suitable climatic conditions. To preserve wildlife, the study ...

Eden Again, Marshland Information - Bibliography
Caffrey, J.M. 1993. Aquatic plant management in relation to Irish recreational fisheries development. Plant Management, 31: p. 162-168. 46 ... 1996. Bankside stabilization through reed transplantation in a newly constructed Irish canal habitat. Hydrobiologia, 340: p. 349-354. 47. Callaway, J ... the lower part of the Netherlands. In Ferns and bogs in the Netherlands, J.T.H. Verhoeven, Editor. Kluwer Ac. ...

Timeline of European Environmental History - Middle Ages
CE 535--555 CE: Dendrochronological (tree-ring) evidence in oak trees salvaged from Irish peat bogs indicates a sequence of colder than average summers at this time. A similar effect is ...

A River that still runs wild
Cubs play and tumble on its Irish-green banks, while arctic terns fish in the river's familiar waters. Golden plovers rest in soggy bogs suspended by permafrost, and bald eagles ...

Hop To IT ­ Join the 2007 Irish Frog Watch
Day, a day to celebrate the biodiversity and beauty of our precious wetlands. The Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) are encouraging people to hop along to their local wetland ... post to IPCC. For further information please contact: Irish Peatland Conservation Council Lullymore Rathangan Co.

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