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Environmental Restoration: Buried Clay Pot Irrigation
Buried clay pot irrigation has been ... total plant yield was 12.6 kg per cu meter. Irrigation System Efficiency Method Productivity in kg plant Per cubic meter of ... gourd (Momordic charantia L.) to buried clay pot and basin system of irrigation. South Indian Horticulture 31(2/3):117-120. Sheng Han ...

Environmental Restoration: Deep Pipe Irrigation
We have set up a deep pipe irrigation system on a remote tank with battery powered timer to irrigate once a week with excellent success. Deep pipe irrigation is ... much more efficient than surface drip or conventional surface irrigation. Deep pipe irrigation develops a much larger effective rooting volume and ... More from this site

Sourcebook Efficient Irrigation
Irrigation Efficient Irrigation 1. Use an efficient irrigation system designed by a licensed irrigator. The type of watering equipment best suited to the job depends on the landscape, design, layout and budget. The irrigation ... irrigation may be sufficient. However, many homeowners prefer the convenience an automatic irrigation system provides. 2. Install a water efficient automatic irrigation system ...

Stormcell Stormwater Storage & Infiltration System - Case Studies
By utilising Hydro's Stormcell® system, engineering consultants Waterman Partnership were able to locate the required storage tanks without ... future pressure on potable water use, a rainwater recycling and irrigation system using Hydro's Stormcell® high capacity storage system. Read more... SCCS05 E1201 Springfield Park Discharge restrictions imposed ...

Potential of sustainable irrigation in black developing communities
There was no clear understanding of the maintenance and energy costs of the current irrigation infrastructure. The members confirmed that they require an irrigation system ...

UC IPM Information about Irrigation of Processing Tomatoes for Tomato
A is the acres irrigated per set, D is the inches of water to be applied, and Q is the irrigation system flow rate in gallons per minute: T = 449 x A x D/Q. Values for D include the ETc between irrigations divided by an amount to account for the irrigation ... water along the furrow length. In addition, the irrigation system needs to be managed so that the ...

Development Fiasco in Jamaican Greywater System
Negril. The > system was funded by an environmental NGO ... another above ground storage tank. Oh, you’ll love > this. The irrigation system for the field consists of > underground PVC pipes with holes drilled ... . > > My question was: “If you are using this water for > irrigation, why are you taking so much of the nutrient > material out ...

Raspberry Bushes - Irrigate with Laundry Water?Greywater (laundry) irrigation of raspberry bushes
Frequently asked questions > response to question Raspberry Bushes - Irrigate with Laundry Water? Subject: Greywater (laundry) irrigation of raspberry bushes Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 From: Art Ludwig To: "Pete D." < ... rainfall per year, elev. 700 ft. > I am planning to install a gravity drum greywater > irrigation system from my laundry wash machine to water > a few nearby fruit trees as well as ... More from this site

Final Specifications for Programs that will Certify Irrigation Professionals | WaterSense | US EPA
Irrigation System Designers (PDF) (6 pp, 52K, About PDF) Specification for WaterSense Labeling of Certification Programs for Irrigation System Auditors (PDF) (6 pp, 83K, About PDF) For more information about the certification programs for irrigation ...

Landscape Irrigation Services | WaterSense | US EPA
July is Smart Irrigation Month. Visit the Smart Irrigation ... More from this site

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