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Island Sheep A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin Chatham Island ewe (Photo by David Tuart) Near the southwest corner of the main island of the Chatham group is a small flock of feral sheep ... longwool breeds. (See » Pitt Island for a location map of the Chatham Islands.) Chatham Island sheep on Chatham Island (Photo by David Tuart) It is believed that Chatham Island ferals have been living ...

New Zealand: Rare Campbell Island Sheep A Rare New Zealand Breed of Feral Origin Campbell Island ram (Photo by Karen Nicoll) The first sheep were landed on subantarctic Campbell Island (over 600 kilometres ... the Campbell Island sheep are one of the few feral breeds known to have anything other than Merino blood; they range from quarter- to half-bred Merino-longwool crosses. Campbell Island sheep do ...

ISLAND SHEEP New Zealand Rare Breeds Website: – Information ... Feral Pitt Island Sheep A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin In the nineteen-seventies a feral flock of several thousand sheep could be found on Pitt Island in ... created on Pitt Island in 1981. A number have also been taken to mainland New Zealand. Pitt Island rams (Photo by David Tuart) Pitt Island sheep are almost ... More from this site

Beef Island Nature Reserve
Island, the remainder being covered with fairly dense cover of tussac of low to medium height. The Island has been stocked with cattle and a small number of sheep, but not since 1972. Sea lions are commonly recorded but are not known to breed. The Island ...

Coffin Island Nature Reserve
Island Nature Reserve Falklands Conservation Coffin Island Nature Reserve Coffin Island (45 Ha, 111 acres) Coffin Island is one of a group of six islands off the coast of New Island ... the Island's only access from the sea. The Island is largely ... Island has a history of stocking and carried sheep until 1972. It is not known if it was used in earlier times for pigs. There is no evidence of the Island ... More from this site - sheep stations - the Land
Land Home Site Index Interactive Latest Updates Search: in HIGH COUNTRY STATIONS: The ... the Raukumara Range in the East Cape area of the North Island to Southland at the bottom of the South Island, high country stations encompass a great variety of landscapes and environmental ... - sheep stations - the Work
Natural lifestyles Links to websites LIVING WITH NATURE High Country Stations THE WORK Mustering sheep along the Esk River, Canterbury. From Philip Holden: Station Country II Horses are still widely ... and John Eastcott, 1980: High Country. Reed. Peter Newton, 1973: Big Country of the South Island. Reed. Peter Newton, 1975: Sixty Thousand on the Hoof - Big country South of the Rangitata ... More from this site

Auckland Island Pigs Rescue Project
Pigs were originally introduced onto Auckland Island in 1807 by Captain Abraham ... wild populations including rabbits and cattle from the Auckland Islands (See » Enderby Island Cattle and » Enderby Island Rabbits), and in January 1999 it was the turn of the pigs. The ...

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia: Lost Sheep Breeds
A number of sheep breeds have also become extinct, one possibly even during the ... fleece breeds that contributed to the development of the Australian sheep industry. They still exist today in Britain, their homeland. The ... taken on by leading island breeders, including the Archer family. A comparison of sale prices at the Sydney Sheep Show and Sale ...

Minerals Council of Australia - Supporters - Ollie's Island Australia - Exploring chains of sustainable production and consumption
Minerals Council of Australia - Supporters - Ollie's Island Australia - Exploring chains of sustainable production and consumption Financial Supporters Content Supporters Royal Agricultural Society ... Young Farmer of the Year Dairy Producer of the Year Beef Producer of the Year Sheep Producer of the Year Alternative Farming Producer of the Year Farm Business of the Year ...

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