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SCS: Australian Sea Lion (Neophoca cinerea)
Australian sea lions between The Pages Islands in South Australia and Houtman Abrolhos off the Western Australian coast. The species mostly inhabits islands but also a few mainland ... before which its range extended as far as the islands in Bass Strait. The Australian sea lion is now listed as Rare under South Australian legislation where it has received full legal protection ...

SCS: South African / Australian Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus)
Photo: Liz Poon, CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology Australian fur seal: Breeding colonies for the Australian fur seal are restricted to nine islands in Victoria and Tasmania, all in Bass Strait, ... are also taken by the black-backed jackal and brown hyena. Australian fur seal: Australian fur seals haul out on off-shore islands, preferring bare rock, boulder stacks, boulder or pebble beaches, ... More from this site

Annandale on the Web - Traffic Islands
Murraya and Star Jasmine. No recognition is given to the reality that Australian Natives, particularly those that are specific to the Sydney Basin would also have adapted ... islands, but two species of Grevillea have been planted in the islands at the intersection of Trafalgar and Collins St. This affords an opportunity to monitor the appearance and viability of alternate australian ...

Australian Embassies, high commissions, consulates, multilateral missions and representative offices
Australian Consulate - Ljubljana) SOLOMON ISLANDS (Australian High Commission - Honiara) SOMALIA - See Kenya SOUTH AFRICA (Australian High Commission - Pretoria) SOUTH AFRICA (Australian Consulate-General - Johannesburg) SOUTHERN SUDAN - See Kenya SPAIN (Australian Consulate - Seville) SPAIN (Australian Embassy - Madrid) SPAIN (Australian ...

Departmental Speeches - Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
New opportunities and challenges” Speech to the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) - Sydney by Ian Kemish, 30 November 2004 The Australian Perception of the Threat and Appropriate Responses. ... October 2003 Message to the people of Solomon Islands. Speech by Nick Warner, Special Coordinator, Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands. 24 July 2003 "Kickin'up Dust", ... More from this site

Australian Biological Resources Study - Publications - home
Islands Flora of Australia Online: Oceanic Islands excl. Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands Interactive Catalogue of Australian Fungi What's its Name? (WIN) Australian Plant Name Index (APNI) Australian ...

Introduced mammals on Western Australian islands - Improving Australia's ability to protect its island habitats from feral animals
Australian islands - Database 1 (PDF - 103 KB) Introduced mammals on Western Australian islands - Database 2 (PDF - 95 KB) Introduced mammals on Western Australian islands - Database 3 (PDF - 98 KB) Introduced mammals on Western Australian islands ... More from this site

'The grievous mistakes of the Vanikoro concession': The Vanikoro Kauri Timber Company, Solomon Islands, 1926-1964
Vanikolo in order to diversify the economy and extend government control in the easternmost islands. The Vanikoro Timber Company began operations in 1926 without any reforestation clause included in ... success and finally closed in 1964 when cheaper timbers became readily available on the Australian market. The Vanikolo people remained ambivalent towards the company, valuing its presence as a ...

United Nations Environment Programme GEMS/WATER
Ashmore & Cartier Islands (Australian) Australia 2004 11 102 21121 2053 1979 - 2004 Austria 2000 6 15 612 57 1995 - 1996 Azerbaijan Bahamas, The Bahrain Baker & Howland Islands Bangladesh 1998 ... 41173 1619 1980 - 1997 Christmas Island Cocos Islands (Australian) Colombia 3 52 1409 72 1981 - 1988 Comoros Congo Cook Islands (New Zealand) Coral Sea Islands ( Australian) Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire 2004 ...

Australian Hydrographic Service - Paper Stock Availability - New Charts & New Editions
Australian Hydrographic Service - Paper Stock Availability - New Charts & New Editions AUSTRALIAN HYDROGRAPHIC SERVICE Paper Stock Availability - New Charts & New Editions at: Mon, August 4, 2008 ... -Jun-08 Available 28-Jul-08 Aus4622 International Chart Seriea - South Pacific Ocean - Admiralty Islands to Solomon Islands 1:1,500,000 New Edition Published 12-May-08 Available 23-Jun-08 ...

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