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Fisheries: Australia
ITQ system, especially concerning its off-shore fleets. The off-shore fleets target only a single fish species per fleet which increases efficiencies As knowledge and efforts are more concentrated, the system ... of bycatch which inevitably occur. The establishment of the EEZ also allows the ITQ system to be regionally specific (segregating the region into sectors) which decreases uncertainties within ...

Topic Area: Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQ) in Fisheries
Topic Area: Individual Transferable Quotas (ITQ) in Fisheries Topic Area: Regulating fisheries Geographic Area: Chile Focal Question: How successful has government ... for fish stocks, (3) accurateness of regulatorís scientific information used in establishing an efficient ITQ system, and (4) concern about fishery dynamics whereby a reduction in one stock was counterbalances by ... More from this site

The Common Fisheries Policy: A Sinking Ship
Yet EU officials, notably adviser to the European Fisheries Commission Christoph Nordmann, say that the ITQ system is not likely to be adopted by the EU because of cultural and jurisdictional ... politicians. Evidence from New Zealand and Iceland demonstrates that fewer fishermen are needed with an ITQ system and the more efficient fishermen have become rich in the bargain. Mr. Collet portrays ...

Mixed blessings
U.S. fisheries. "The quota management system is a very well run system," he says. "It's great for the ... one independent fisherman we talked to who was happy with the ITQ system.They were essentially sharecroppers. "We're trying not to let ... consumption - all apparent consequences or attributes of the New Zealand system - would be economically and politically unacceptable here. First, make ...

fisheries resource paper
The individual transferable quota (ITQ) is a potential solution that attempts to address these issues by assigning yearly ... reserves can be ineffective in the protection of migratory species.†† Aquaculture is a production system that draws heavily on technological innovation.† Fish farming attempts to meet the consumption demands ...

Atlantic Fisheries Information System (SAFIS) E-mail Contact (7/31/2005) * 0648-0240 Surf Clam/Ocean Quahog Transfer Log Request for Atlantic Surfclam or Ocean Quahog ITQ Allocation or ... -mail Contact (10/31/2006) * 0648-0544 Southeast Region Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Related Requirements Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Installation and Activation Certification For the Reef Fish Fishery ...

Habitat Media - interview transcript
What do you think? IFQís and ITQís are kind of a dangerous road to head down because first of ... of head down that road and a couple of other fisheries that the ITQ has entered and youíve seen the amount of boats dwindle down ...

Habitat Media - interview transcript
New England that thereís too many boats. What is your take on ITQís (Individual Transfer Quotas)? That individual transferable quotas is a way to destroy family fishing ... we have some laws that are better than they do, but, itís one eco-system. We should have the same laws for everybody. It seems that certain industry interests have ... More from this site

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