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Global Coalition of Wildlife Managers promoting conservation of habitat, wildlife resources and the concept of Sustainable Use.
Conservation Vision by Eugène Lapointe Available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish Elephants Fisheries Mammals Reptiles Seals Sea Turtles Sharks Whales © 2005 IWMC World Conservation Trust ... - Conservation & Elephant Hunting - Conservation & Elephant Hunting SEARCH MAINPAGE SUSTAINABLE USE eNEWSLETTER MEDIA CENTER ELEPHANTS Conservation & Elephant Hunting FISH MAMMALS REPTILES SEALS SEA TURTLES SHARKS WHALES ABOUT IWMC CENSORED CONTACT IWMC ... . And that by definition is conservation - the wise use of natural resources. Printer Friendly Version Back to Top | Return to Elephants Index IWMC World Conservation Trust ... More from this site

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CONSERVATION Conservation Commons, World Conservation Union System Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) Fauna & Flora International IUCN (World Conservation Union) IWMC World Conservation Trust Species Survival Commission (IUCN) TRAFFIC International (See also national offices below.) UNEP World Conservation ...

Canada and the WTO
January 2008 issue of Sustainable eNews, published by the IWMC World Conservation Trust, and is reproduced with the author's permission. Canada and the WTO in the 21st ... " decision. Canada has now wisely decided to take its case in this matter to the World Trade Organization for dispute settlement. The process will include certain prescribed steps for the parties ... More from this site

CAT - Cat Action Treasury's Felidae website
IWMC report. PREVIOUS FELIDAE FOCUS ISSUES African Lion Conservation Strategies •West and Central Africa •Eastern and Southern Africa CAT supports high priority projects for threatened wild cats around the world ... and publications from CAT projects •Snow Leopard Bibliography The International Snow Leopard Trust has compiled over 450 references and more than 200 full text documents, primarily ...

American Society of International Law Wildlife Interest Group Programs
IWMC - World Conservation Trust, to be announced The Case against Further Downlisting of Elephants Stanley Johnson, Senior Adviser for International Affairs,International Fund for Animal Welfare, London, United Kingdom Representative from IWMC - World Conservation Trust ...

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