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One World Journeys | Jaguar: Lord of the Mayan Jungle
One World Journeys | Jaguar: Lord of the Mayan Jungle Searching for the Jaguar Scientists hunt the jaguar to ensure its survival Follow scientists and hounds as they crash through a Mexican rainforest chasing the fleeting shadow of the jaguar. The survival of the rainforest and the jaguar depends on this hunt and the answers it provides. Even while ...

Jaguar: Lord of the Mayan Jungle
Jaguar: Lord of the Mayan Jungle More from this site

Costa Rica - Jaguar
At any season jaguars ... . Although unprovoked attacks on men are rare, in Panama a jaguar recently charged a man who was carrying a bag of ... crops and grazing. When roads penetrate a primitive zone, the jaguar and white-lipped peccary ( Tayassu pecari ) are the first mammals ...

In Search of the Jaguar--National Geographic Television Special on PBS
MORE ON JAGUARS AND OTHER  ... and People Live Together? National Geographic Kids News—November 11, 2003 "Jaguar: Phantom of the Night" From National Geographic Magazine Go behind ... with this "supreme predator"—see the photos, hear a jaguar, get a map, and more. Cats—Plans for Perfection Join ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Jaguar
Spot the Cat Coats • Kid Territory: Orson the Black Jaguar, Jaguar Jell-O, Mask Yourself as a Cat • Animal Bytes: Caracal ... programs offer a unique way to give a gift. Mammals: Jaguar Range: North America, Central America, and South America Habitat: rain ... toll on jaguars. CITES outlaws the sale of jaguar skins internationally. Unfortunately, jaguar coats are still illegally bought and sold in ...

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Jaguar Mining Pacincia Gold Mine Mining Technology
Print Key Data Producer of Gold Location 50km southeast of Belo Horizonte, Brazil Ownership Jaguar Mining Inc Geology Type Archean to Upper Proterozoic rocks Mineral Type Chert-hosted, sulphide- ... related deposits and carbonatised mafic schists Annual Production About 73,000oz Full specifications Canadian company Jaguar Mining Inc's wholly owned Paciência project consists of 21,000 acres of ...

Carlos Solis, El Jaguar Quetzal
Home Page of Cada vez que muere un Jaguar, se apaga una estrella en el cielo Every time a Jaguar dies a star goes off in the sky Once there ...

El Jaguar on The Web
El Jaguar on The Web In this section you can find links to some of the work ... More from this site

English Name: Jaguar Local Name: El tigre Scientific Name: Panthera onca MAMMAL Order: Carnivora Range: extreme southwestern United ...

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