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Printed Matter -- Timothy Treadwell -- Page
I would shield her with my body." Treadwell and his co-author, Jewel Palovak, run an organization called Grizzly People devoted to education and preservation of the dwindling bear ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 10.13.05
Erik Nelson, Billy Campbell, Tom Ortenberg, Kevin Beggs, Phil Fairclough, Andrea Meditch, Jewel Palovak. Production executive, Dave Harding. Cinematography, Peter Zeitlinger. Editor, Joe Bini. Music composed by ... Grizzlies and co-founded Grizzly People with him, Jewel Palovak. It was important for the making of the film when Palovak, who controls the Treadwell video archives, became a ...

The Myth of Timothy Treadwell
The movie, Grizzly Man, was directed by Werner Herzog and co-produced by Jewel Palovak, Timothy’s friend and business partner. I enjoyed the movie, and it helped to clarify ... , I was disappointed, considering all the film footage and notes available, plus the knowledge that Jewel Palovak must have about Timothy Treadwell. (2) Bear experts (Tom Smith, Lynn Rogers, Steve Stringham, Matt ...

Grizzly Attack - Timothy Treadwell
The last person to speak to Tim was his friend Jewel Palovak, co-author of Tim’s book “Among Grizzlies.” He and Amie called her by satellite ... More from this site