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Spring Meeting 2000
Oxford) Primates in nature Liz Rogers (University of Edinburgh) The evolution of primate adaptation John Fleagle (SUNY at Stony Brook) Primate genetics and evolution Mike Bruford (University of Cardiff) Tickets cost ... " in Ndoki forest in Congo. It was a great pleasure for the Society to welcome John Fleagle to the meeting. Moreover, his talk on the Evolution of Primate Adaptation was a superb ...

The Northwest Council on Climate Change
Drs. Ed Miles, Conway Leovy, Ed Sarachik and Bob Fleagle. Within six months, Dr. Miles was asked by The White House to host one the ... - key statistics - a critical goal - what works and what won’t acknowledged by the Hon. John Turner, lead U.S. State Department negotiator on climate change as "The best summary of ...