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Linkages Coverage of United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change, COP-3, Earth Negotiations Bulletin
COW saw late night meetings over the last two days - and nights 8 December John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister (UK) samples meltwater from the Antarctic ice caps which environmental activists ... on prospects for US Senate ratification of the Kyoto Protocol 10 December United States Senator John Kerry speaks regarding prospects for US Senate ratification and what level of inclusion the US needs ...

Living On Earth: Week of September 21, 2001
Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts says anyone using the terrorist attacks to advance the ANWR agenda is exploiting the situation. And Senator Kerry says he remains committed to ... way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil is to develop a new energy base. KERRY: And the way you do that is by encouraging alternatives and renewables, conservation, efficiencies..." ...

Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership - Chronology
On January 21, 2000, U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) announced the expansion of the Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership to the rest of ...

Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership - FAQ
Mass. Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, and the U.S. EPA. In January 2000, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) announced the expansion of the Partnership region-wide in the New England Corporate ... More from this site

A First Lady of sustainability: Teresa Heinz Kerry
If John Kerry becomes president, his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry would push environmental policy domestically and globally in the direction ... The importance of dealing with petroleum might justify our temporarily disregarding some of John Kerry's disappointing political stands: He is gung-ho for huge Homeland Security funding, ...

White House election endorsement: Teresa Heinz Kerry for First Lady
If people relentlessly agitated for change after electing John Kerry, and people aggressively addressed fundamental issues, Kerry may emerge as either an enabler or an obstacle for the changes ... -minded chiefly as a tactic to get elected. Like Kerry's antiwar past, his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry is a clue to John Kerry's real self and probable leadership as the best improvement ... More from this site Speakers on Renewable and Sustainable Energy
He served as senior advisor on energy for John Kerry for President, and he is now on the Boards of the American Council for Renewable ... he founded to assist clients in building successful businesses based on innovative energy technologies… More >> John Perlin. Author of two highly acclaimed books on solar energy. Amory Lovins writes that A ...

Roger Ballentine, Speaker,
Ballentine served as Senior Advisor for Energy and Environmental Policy with the John Kerry for President and Kerry-Edwards Campaigns. Prior to his White House and presidential campaign roles, he was ... More from this site

Environment News Service News Index January 2004
U.S. Wallets Open for Global Wetlands Conservation AmeriScan: January 20, 2004 Senator John Kerry's Environmental Policy UK Sets Greenhouse Gas Emission Allocations for Trading Gorillas in the Mist ...

Eugene Weekly : Movies : 08.26.04
John Kerry's bogus French-ness seems to be pure invention from Murdoch and his Bush administration cronies. "Some say Kerry looks French," the news toadies piously ... ." The network's self-styled "fair and balanced" reporting has created the widespread impression that John Kerry waffles on issues that he seems to be "French." What jerks! NR. Cinema World. See ...

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