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Environmental Impact of Transportation | Planeta
Online seminar CO-SPONSORS Channel View Publications Eldis The Shores System Sustainable Sources BACKGROUND READING Airlines Carbon Emission Offsetting - Planeta Forum Transportation ... Times Concern grows over pollution from jets - Mass tourism and carbon offsets - John Shores/Green-travel Train travel set for a renaissance - GreenTraveller QUESTIONS What is the ...

Planeta USA
MORE FEATURES Exploring the Grand Canyon Route 66 Chasing Biodiversity - John Shores The Original Fake Alamo What West Virginia can Learn from Ecotourism Eco Travels in North ... More from this site

COPA - PCBs and Superfund in Bloomington, Indiana
John Roland of the Washington Department of Ecology. In addition to PCBs from industrial discharges, tons ... residents are asking whether they've been overlooked. John Jordan is a former corporate headhunter from Friday Harbor, Wash., who has lived on the shores of Lake Spokane since 1997. The 26 ...

Bougainville - The long struggle for freedom
Spanish seaman Captain Alvara de Mendana set foot on the shores of the Solomon Islands. He thought he had discovered the ... as a platform to fight their wars away from their shores. Hundreds of Bougainvilleans were unnecessarily killed in the fighting. When ... . "Near one mountain village, Patrol Officer (ie, a colonial officer) John Gordon-Kirby was greeting a Conzinc RioTinto helicopter when village ...

Return to Paradise (Do or Die)
Hampstead. Just ahead are the reedy shores of the meandering Thames. On the right, where Westminster Abbey will stand, is Thorney Island ... - to rapidly begin the natural processes that humans interfere with just by being around," says John Hadidian, director of the Urban Wildlife Protection Program of The Humane Society of the United ... More from this site

EcoOutlet Books
In nine North American ecosystems ranging from backyards to woodlands, from grasslands to sandy shores, renowned naturalists, writers and photographers show us how to understand natural systems. Includes 356 ... on the changing role of the federal government. More… Saving Cities Saving Money. By John Hart. Cities and towns, large and small, can conserve resources, improve environmental quality, and ...

EcoIQ Store: Urban Greening Books
In tours of North American ecosystems – from backyards to woodlands, from grasslands to sandy shores – renowned naturalists and photographers show how to understand these systems. ...More details here. ... to face corporate and government polluters. ...More details here. Design for Human Ecosystems By John Tillman Lyle. Explores methods of designing landscapes that function in the sustainable ways ... More from this site

U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Today about 90 percent of the total catch comes from these Exclusive Economic Zones, or ... interests are in stock and recruitment problems and the effects of climate on fisheries. Dr. John T. Everett is Acting Director for Research and Environmental Information at the U.S. National ...

John Muir & I
I would have camped with John and Matt if they had shown up. I wondered ... group of five men in three hours of walking. The locally operative John Muir Wilderness Plan defends the construction of all trails to a ... turnoff to the Lake of the Lone Indian I thought of John 2, Annual Physical John. He had suggested I camp in a circle of ...

Chronology of the Life and Legacy of John Muir - from his birth to the present day (1914-2002) - John Muir Exhibit
"In the Shadow of John Muir" 1975 Photographer John Earl publishes John Muir's Longest Walk , containing excerpts from John Muir's A ... John Muir Trust in Scotland makes its first purchase, 3,000 mountain acres at Li and Coire Dhorrcail in Knoydart, on the wild shores ... Friends of John Muir, the John Muir Memorial Association, and other groups worldwide devoted to John Muir launch The Global John Muir ...

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