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It also prepares the way for a Just Transition to A Conservation Economy that has widespread support and commitment. Encourage human-scale neighborhoods ... sense of place. Build community capital over the long-term to aid in the just transition to a conservation economy. Examples of this pattern in action: Real Change Homeless Empowerment ... Pattern Browser
It further requires that historical inequities be addressed and compensated fairly through a Just Transition. Social Equity is promoted by Human-Scale Neighborhoods that provide Shelter for All. ... the well-being of the whole community. Organizations whose work incorporate this pattern: Transition Projects, Inc Sustainable Community Roundtable References: Brill, Hal, Jack A. Brill ... More from this site

EcoIQ Magazine Opinion
Highlights 1) Accelerate the transition to clean, renewable energy sources. Over the next decade, triple the amount of energy ... and communities now dependent on dated energy resources, to ensure that they achieve a just transition to a sustainable energy economy. 4) Demonstrate leadership in international efforts to reduce the ...

EJCC | Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
We envision a just transition to a future free from fossils fuels that protects the most vulnerable from the impacts ... "refresh" to see another fact) A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and a Just Climate Policy The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative and Redefining Progress' new report proves ...

EJCC | Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta ... the development of sustainable homeland economies built upon renewable energy resources. Just Transition Alliance The Just Transition Alliance unites frontline workers and fenceline communities for economic and environmental ... More from this site

Environmentalists Against War
First of all, we are mobilizing within our organizations and within communities. We are not just making statements. We are out there training ourselves, participating in mass mobilizations, educating our communities ... are also demanding that we begin the process of a full phase-out with a just transition out of fossil fuels and into renewable and clean sustainable energy with jobs for ourselves ...

Environmentalists Against War: Say No! to War
Unfortunately the United States is among those that is doing just that. At the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis, US jurists promised the world that ... Shundahai Network Roxanne Turnage, Execuive Director, CS Fund Jenice L. View, Ph.D., Executive Director, Just Transition Alliance* Katherine Yih, Harvard Medical School* Home | Say NO! To War | Action! | Information | Media ... More from this site

Environment @ Work Noticeboard
Greener by Design Conference June US 'Trade Unions & Climate Change - Just Transition' Conference June Any Colour But Green Labour & Environment: A Natural Synergy & Women & Environment. Both UNEP ...

Okno's Just for Fun Links
Just for Fun Links Jump to: General and Regional Sites | East Europe | Former ... ," the OECD has been sponsoring a lot of research on the problems of transition in Central and East Europe. Among other things, this site has details ... the Adirondacks (from Hartwick College's Geology Dept.) Interactive Guide to Massachusetts' Snakes: just as it says! World Wide Web of Sports (lots of graphics - slow) ...

SAF - Members Only: Just for Students - Chapter Management
SAF - Members Only: Just for Students - Chapter Management Chapter Management To succeed, your chapter must be management effectively. Whether ... out these 5 tips to make the most of your fundraising efforts. Officer Training and Transition Get proven tips to bring in new officers without disrupting the accomplishments and momentum of ...

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