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Finnish Nature League; campaigns for Finnish old-growth forests / Finland Forestry Storaenso Stora Enso UPM-Kymmene Vapo Timber Forest industry Pulp Paper Forest
Minister Kalevi Hemilš Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry P.O.Box 232, FIN - 00171 Helsinki Finland e-mail: kalevi.hemila(@) fax + 358 - 9 - 160 2900 ...

Postcard campaign for Finnish old-growth forests: FOE UK answers minister Hemila
Finland has ceased", says Friends of the Earth. Finnish Minister of Forestry Mr Kalevi Hemilš told Finnish newspapers Taloussanomat and Kainuun Sanomat in January 1999 that he has received ... that petitions addressed to Mr Persson, Minister of State for Sweden were misdirected to Mr Hemila. By way of explanation, the original petition sheets for signatures were two sided for groups ... More from this site