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Robert Hill: Minister of Double Standards Runs Australia’s Animal Apartheid Policy
As late as 1990, over 60% of the kangaroo harvest in Queensland was ... has not been sufficiently document-ed. According to the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, “the kangaroo has been made scapegoat for land and economic mismanagement.” “Various bits and pieces of ...

Kangaroo Industry Assocn of Australia - Background Info
Surveys consistently indicate that less than 5% of Australians oppose the kangaroo industry. Sales of kangaroo product ... kangaroo harvest Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Supports kangaroo harvesting provided it is humane. Conservation Council of South Australia Actively promoting growth of kangaroo harvest as a conservation tool. A real good news story The kangaroo ...

Kangaroo Industry Assocn of Australia - Background Info
For more information on animal welfare outcomes in the kangaroo harvest click HERE The kangaroo industry is tightly controlled. Kangaroo populations are estimated ... Australian public support the kangaroo harvest. Surveys consistently indicate that less than 5% of Australians oppose the kangaroo industry. Sales of kangaroo product are constantly growing ... More from this site

Kangaroo Conundrums
Fanciful Figures "The official current kangaroo kill rate is 5.2 million annually," it ... that after 25 years of intensive research, monitoring and development, the kangaroo harvest has passed the "precautionary principle". And kangaroo harvesting is not just sustainable; there is also a growing ...

ASM | Mammals of California
Dipodomys nitratoides 2 ssp engangered; 1 ssp Special Concern SW San Joaq Valley 1098, 1330 381 Desert kangaroo rat Dipodomys deserti Uncommon SE deserts 1324 339 Muridae Western Harvest mouse Reithrodontomys megalotus 2 ssp Special Concern statewide 1018 167 Salt Marsh Harvest mouse ...

ASM | Mammals of Kansas
Ord's kangaroo rat Dipodomys ordii common western 1/2 560, 693(S), 1099, 1352 353 can ... Norway rat Fulvous harvest mouse Reithrodontomys fulvescens uncommon southeast corner 174 almost exclusively nocturnal Western harvest mouse Reithrodontomys megalotis common northern 7/8 1018 167 strictly nocturnal Plains harvest mouse Reithrodontomys ... More from this site

Ord's Kangaroo Rats in Kansas
Kangaroo Rats in Kansas ORD'S KANGAROO RAT Photo by Bob Gress Ord's Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys ordii Measurements: Total Length: 9. ... inches Weight: 1.9 - 3.3 ounces Comments: In kangaroo fashion, excited Ord's kangaroo rats jump on both hind feet using their ... NORTHERN GRASSHOPPER MOUSE EASTERN WOODRAT HISPID COTTON RAT WESTERN HARVEST MOUSE COMMON MUSKRAT HISPID POCKET MOUSE NORTH AMERICAN PORCUPINE ...

Western Harvest Mice in Kansas
Western Harvest Mice in Kansas WESTERN HARVEST MOUSE Photo by Bob Gress Western Harvest Mouse Reithrodontomys megalotis Measurements: Total Length: 4.7 - 6.2 inches Tail Length: 2.2 - ... to one-third of their weight per day. Other Kansas Rodents AMERICAN BEAVER ORD'S KANGAROO RAT 13-LINED GROUND SQUIRREL WOODCHUCK EASTERN GRAY SQUIRREL SOUTHERN FLYING SQUIRREL PRAIRIE VOLE EASTERN ... More from this site

Kangaroo rat, Dipodomys ordi, control and management
Since kangaroo rats are primarily seed eaters, they find irrigated fields and pastures a veritable oasis and feed extensively on waste grain after harvest. Kangaroo rats have foiled attempts to restore overused rangelands. Their habit of collecting and caching large numbers of grass seeds restricts the natural reseeding process. In semiarid rangelands, activities of kangaroo ...

Kangaroos - Australia's best-known animals
Kangaroo and wallaby harvesting Draft National Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos and Wallabies - invitation to comment closes Thursday 6 March 2008 2007 Background Information - Commercial kangaroo and wallaby harvest ...

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