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Modular Packaged and Single Piece EnviroSAF wastewater and sewage treatment plants
EnviroSAF wastewater and sewage treatment plants KEE Process Limited and KEE Services Limited The KEE EnviroSAF, Submerged Aerated Filter Biological Reactor, forms the aerobic ... KEE EnviroSAF packaged plant tank is made from either GRP or steel plate and can withstand hydrostatic and ground pressure. Units can be adapted for aboveground installation. The modular configuration of the KEE EnviroSAF ...

KEE Treatment Technologies and Solutions
RBCs for site erection. Submerged Aerated Filters Modular Packaged and Single piece EnviroSAF Treatment systems. Activated Sludge Systems Extended aeration (EA), Sequencing batch reactors (SBR) & ... and Maintenance, Grease Digester, NuDisc, EnviroSAF, Bio-guard, EBNR, SAF. AIRE-O2, Triton, Surface Aspirating Systems, Microfloat Air Flotation Systems, KEE Integrated Management Policy Health & Safety, ... More from this site

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