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Rare Breeds Trust of Australia: Sheep
Australia. The dilemma regarding the Cormo is repeated when the South Dorset Down is ... we are to effectively track changing breed numbers and monitor the viability of remnant breed populations. RBTA believes that around half of these breeds are threatened or in danger of being ...

NMPIF Grassland 2
Estancia Valley increase the known pairs in the state by 20% in 10 years. As of 1998, 73 known ... 02, N = 33, RA = 0.31 (Sauer et al. 1997) maintain known populations in the northeastern plains, north and west of ... 783, RA = 16.29 (Sauer et al. 1997) maintain current known nesting populations near Fort Sumner, Clovis and Maxwell NWR maintain ...

NMPIF Shrublands 1
(Williams 1999). Population and/or Habitat Objectives: no BBS data available maintain known populations in Guadalupe Canyon (2-4 pair), the San Andres Mtns. and at Carlsbad ... nesting success required to sustain populations of Varied Bunting. Survey for additional populations based on known habitat. 5. Study the effects of fire on vegetation and bird populations in this habitat. ... More from this site

2007 IUCN Red List – 2004 Photo Gallery
Virtually all known populations have experienced very serious declines. The species is also threatened by habitat loss ... turtle consumption trade, as well as for the international pet trade. Populations have disappeared and remaining populations, including those in formally designated protected areas, appear to be declining. ...

Massasauga Rattlesnake, Eastern - WDNR
The massasauga is also a favorite captive venomous species, so native populations have suffered from illegal capturing of these animals for the pet trade. Today the ... : State Endangered (1975). Being considered for Federal Listing. Occurrence: Historically, some of the largest known populations in the United States were found in southern Wisconsin. Currently they are found in ...

Ribbon Snake, Northern - WDNR
Ontario and Maine. Historically there were six small populations in south central and eastern Wisconsin, but today there are only two known, in Sheboygan and Dane counties. Habitat and Habits ... range in the U.S. Historically, six small populations were known to occur in south-central and eastern Wisconsin. Now there are only two known populations. ' Aid to ID: An extremely slender gartersnake. ... More from this site

Endangered Mammals: Images
Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia, More than 85 percent of known populations occur in seven locations: two caves and a mine in Missouri, two caves in Indiana ...

Endangered Plants: Images
Where found: Four populations of several thousand plants are known to exist: two in Minnesota and two in New York. Mead' ... habitat due to development. Where found: Believed extirpated from the Midwest. There are 19 known populations scattered throughout six southern states: Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and South Carolina ... More from this site

Species Accounts: cacut.htm
However, populations are known from freshwater areas located well inland, including a number of reservoirs. Also, one of the largest known populations is in Lago Enriquillo, a landlocked ... known to be present at Playa Nancite (Plotkin and Zanella 1994) and are rare but present in the major Atlantic rivers. The situation in Colombia is poorly known, but major populations ...

Gulf of Guinea Islands' Biodiversity Network: Ornithology
Dwarf Olive Ibis, São Tomé Fiscal Shrike, São Tomé Short-tail and São Tomé Grosbeak. In addition it holds a major proportion of the populations of São ... is known about the effects of these introductions on the island's avifauna to quantify any threat they pose. 7. Small population size Several of the endemic species have very small known populations ...

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