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Kushiro City / Kushiro Town / Shibecha Town / Tsurui Village / Akkeshi Town / Hamanaka Town [Relevant administrative bodies] East Hokkaido Regional Office for Nature Conservation, Ministry of the Environment / Kushiro ...

Ramsar Site in Japan
Japan       Kushiro-shitsugen   Municipalities Involved: Kushiro City, Kushiro Town, Shibecha Town, Tsurui Village, Hokkaido Prefecture, Major Type of Wetland: Peat Bog, Freshwater ... Area: 58 hectares Ramsar Designation: 15 May 1999 Fujimae-higata Municipalities Involved: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecuture Area: 323 hectare Ramsar Designation: 2 November 2002   Miyajima-numa Municipalities ... More from this site

Prefectural Government Kushiro Subprefectural Office Japanese Kushiro City Japanese/English Kushiro Town ... Wetland Center Japanese/English Kushiro-shitsugen Liaison Association Japanese Kiritappu Shitsugen Center http:// ...

What's New
Kushiro Wetland Eco-tour, "Lake Toro Expedition in Autumn" On October 6, 2007, an eco-tour for the local residents was held. 19 people from Kushiro City, Kushiro Town and Shibecha Town participated and visited Lake Toro in the Kushiro Wetland. 9 JICA participants who came to Japan to ... More from this site

World Wetlands Day 1997
WWD activities in other countries around the world. JAPAN: Kushiro City Museum organized a wetland hike entitled "Nature Conservation in Winter"; the participants traveled to ... cars. The museum also held a photo exhibition about the natural history of the Kushiro wetland. The Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection held a number of activities in ...

Travels of the Ramsar Bureau staff, 2001
Ramsar Convention at the "International Workshop on Climate Change and Wetland Conservation", Kushiro, Japan, 20-21 September 2001; in addition to his own contributions to the meeting, ... background information document. [06/06/01 Najam Khurshid, Regional Coordinator for Asia, is in Korla City, Xinjing Province, China, for a workshop, 5 to 9 June, on "Conservation of Wetlands ... More from this site

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