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Marin Agricultural Land Trust
The ...

Marin Agricultural Land Trust
The ... More from this site

Compassion Over Killing > COK in the News
The Gazette January 9, 2008 "Morningstar Farms and 4,000 Hens" Supermarket News Whole Health December 14, 2007 "The Ethics of ... July 18, 2007 "Consumers Deserve Truth on Caged Vs. Free Hens" Syracuse Post-Standard May 18, 2007 "Egg Industry Comes Under ... Certified" controversy, a two-part series "Fowl Call: Treat Egg-Laying Hens Humanely" (Part I) and "Animal Care Certified: Eggs-actly What Is ...

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Egg Carton flyer not only exposes the routine abuses endured by nearly 300 million egg-laying hens in the U.S. who are forced to spend their lives crammed inside wire battery ... More from this site

To produce eggs, four to five laying hens are crammed into a cage about the size of ... hens in a cage just 16 inches wide. The cages, stacked by the thousands in long rows, are crowded into large sheds. To reduce pecking, which results from overcrowding, laying hens ... laying cycles when they are made to undergo a process called "force-molting." This process involves starving the hens ...

American Farmland Trust: Issues & Programs - Voices for Change - Crawfords
Crawford uses the manure from his 250 laying hens, along with composted manure from neighboring chicken farms, as a major source of fertility on ...

American Farmland Trust: Steward of the Land - Winners - 2003
Leaders in Farmland Protection In the early 1980s, Lorraine's parents and aunt became one ... More from this site

Get Involved | Farm Sanctuary
Gemperle, and urge them to end all sales of eggs produced from battery caged hens. Support Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act (H.R. 1726) (May 2, 2008) The Farm Animal ... , state and county governments, as well as Arizona citizens from enacting laws regarding how egg-laying hens are confined on factory farms. Only the Arizona Department of Agriculture will have authority over ...

Get Involved | Farm Sanctuary
Please join our efforts to pass Prop 2! Hundreds of ... 95 percent of all laying hens in the U.S. and allow giant egg farms to pack hundreds of thousands of hens into a single ... Sweatshirt Watch footage from Gemperle Farms - one of the largest egg laying operations in California. Home | Contact 2008 Farm Sanctuary. ... More from this site

FINL Vol. 5, No. 2 Manure Fly Production
June through December. Sixty thousand hens per house is now the preferred size and farms usually have multiple houses. This 13 ... lesser house fly control utilizing the black soldier fly in manure management systems for caged laying hens. Environ. Entomol. 12: 1439-1442. Sheppard, D.C., N.C. Hinkle, J.S. Hunter III ...

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