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Deadline for National LEADLINE Project
LEADLINE Project About Us Contact Us egroups Library Fact Sheets Home Page Media Releases Newsletters Q & A Referral Lists Reports Site Map Slide Shows / Films Subscribe / Donate Useful Links Council Lead Project Search this Site Page Views Web Counter The National LEADLINE Project will be closing their doors on Friday 31st May, 1996. This project was funded for ...

About The LEAD Group
Worked with local councils on environmental policy development especially through the NSW Council LEAD Project. Some Achievements: Contributed significantly to the successful lobbying for reduced use of lead in ... federal government awarded a grant sufficient to employ three people to run the national LEADLINE Project (Freecall 1800 626 086), now known as the Global Lead Advice and Support Service ... More from this site

North-South Project Charts the Deep
The MCA is lead partner for the project and is collaborating with the Marine Institute as project partner.  The objective of the JIBS Project is to promote joint action to survey the ... of most of the coastline of Northern Ireland are Victorian in vintage and compiled from leadline soundings with sextant positioning, and are now severely outdated and are unsuitable for efficient marine ...

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