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Leopards, Etc. Home
Leopards, Etc. Home We would like to thank everyone for supporting our Winter/Spring season ... the door. You may reserve tickets by phone: (707-874-3176) or email: The amazing Leopards, Etc. volunteers in action at this year's work party weekend. Our ... couldn't do it without you! Call us at 707-874-3176 email us at Copyright 2001, Leopards, Etc.

Gift Shop: Jungle Cats - Leopards and Jaguars
... Gift Shop: Jungle Cats - Leopards and Jaguars Leopards and Jaguars Kitty the Leopard Douglas Cuddle Toys 7 inches / 1 in stock $8.00 ... 6 inches tall 1 in stock $3.50 Return to Jungle Gifts Index Lions | Tigers | Leopards and Jaguars | Cheetahs Return to Product Index

Hybrids Involving Leopards and Jaguars
I have recently pointed out, the relationship between leopards and lions is much closer than that between leopards and pumas, lions being in all probability directly descended from ... Congoland. This, however, seems highly improbably, for lions habitually frequent open, scrubby country, while leopards are essentially forest dwellers, and even if representatives of the two species were to ...

Hybrids Between Leopards and Lions
Nowadays, the term "panther" is generally only applied to black leopards. Pliny believed that leopards were a hybrid of panther (pard) and lioness (leo). This belief held sway for ... order to produce offspring. Those offspring would resemble the pure-bred parent. BLACK LEOPONS Black leopards (black panthers) have always caught the public imagination. To my knowledge black leopons have not ... More from this site

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Tracking snow leopards
Adventure Customer Service | Subscribe August 2005 Excerpt Stalking One Very Cool Cat The snow leopards of the Himalaya are among the most elusive predators on Earth. But even ... Illustrated Map Catalog August 2005 Instant Alaska | Articles | Photo Gallery: Searching for Snow Leopards | Exclusive: Hiker Andrew Skurka | Reader Photo Album | There & Back Adventure Main | Archive | Subscribe | ...

Wildlife officials against trans-location of leopards
Wildlife officials against trans-location of leopards 28 April, 2008 HOME Wildlife officials against trans-location of leopards The Hindu Monday, April 28, 2008 - No ... past, the wildlife officials rescued only male leopards that strayed into human habitations, except on the last two occasions. Similarly, sighting female leopards in the wild will be very difficult, ...

Thai-Lao seizure of tigers, leopards et al
Thai-Lao seizure of tigers, leopards et al 30 January, 2008 HOME Thai-Lao seizure of tigers, leopards et al Bangkok, ... investigation into yesterday's major seizure of 11 butchered tigers, leopards and clouded leopards, as well as 275 live pangolins from Khub Pung ... one truck, and the dead 6 tigers, 3 leopards and 2 clouded leopards from another truck at 3am yesterday. Most of the ... More from this site

WWF - Clouded Leopards
Leopards myWWF Sign in | Sign up | Help About WWF How You Can Help News & Facts FAQ search Home > About WWF > What We Do > Species > About Species > Species Factsheets > Clouded Leopards Clouded Leopards Threats Human - Leopard Conflict Clouded Leopards Bornean clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) Kalimantan and ...

Velvet the black leopard, Freckles, and Dotson the Beanie Baby. These leopards are also at Jeannie's Cottage. They are, from left: ... the Gift Shop for any leopard that may be lurking there. Leopards are characterized by the rosette-like form of the black spots ... their prey from the bough of a tree. Leopards will eat any animal they can overcome. Leopards (Panthera pardus) are the largest spotted ...

National Geographic Coloring Book: Leopard Picture
Geographic Kids Magazine National Geographic Explorer Classroom Magazine Homework Help Illustration by Natalya Zahn Leopards Leopards are good climbers and often rest high in trees during the day. They also ... eyes help them see well at night (lower right). More About Leopards Filming Leopards Follow a filmmaker who tracks leopards in South Africa through photos and video. Parents: Check out our ...

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