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Dehydration see Fluid and Electrolyte Balance ; Heat Illness Delivery see Childbirth Dementia Dementia with Lewy Bodies see Lewy Body Disease Dengue Dental Caries see Tooth Disorders Dental Health Dental Health, Child see Child ...

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Walker Syndrome see Head and Brain Malformations Degenerative Nerve Diseases Dementia Dementia with Lewy Bodies see Lewy Body Disease Diabetic Foot Diabetic Nerve Problems Dizziness and Vertigo Dysautonomia ... Syndrome Insomnia see Sleep Disorders Jakob-Creutzfeldt Disease see Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Leukodystrophies Lewy Body Disease Lou Gehrig's Disease see Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Low Back ... More from this site

Parkinson's Disease: Movement Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition
Lewy bodies often accumulate in other parts of the brain and nervous system, suggesting that they may be involved in other disorders. In Lewy body dementia, Lewy bodies form throughout the outer layer of the brain (cerebral cortex). Lewy bodies may also be involved in Alzheimer's disease. ...