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2007 LMVP Data Report
2007 LMVP Data Report The 2007 LMVP Data Report Introduction Only HTML Format Full Data Report (includes introduction) PDF Format (5.3 MB) Contact us to request a free copy ŠThe Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program 2006

LMVP Nutrient Criteria Information
LMVP Nutrient Criteria Information Nutrient Criteria Information From The Water Line (Newsletter of the LMVP) Introduction to Nutrient Criteria LMVP Data in Action LMVP article on lake fertilization Results from Nutrient Reduction in Missouri - The James River Peer-Reviewed Journal Article Documenting the Phosphorus Reduction Other Useful Information From the LMVP ...

The Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program
Lake of the Ozarks (Updated with July 2008 data) data from the Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance, Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The 2007 LMVP Data ...

LMVP You can join the LMVP! If you want to participate in the program you only need: ... appropriate boat safety equipment to attend a training session at your lake with LMVP personnel. All sampling and processing equipment will be provided to you at ... all public LMVP lakes to be sampled in 2005. You can get lake names and data from the 1999 through 2004 sampling seasons by checking out the LMVP Lakes ...

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