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SoundNet -
Corky the Orca in San Diego who has been in captivity for 25 years. Or Lolita in Florida who has been missing her family for so long. Or many other lonely orcas ...

Orca Network - Springer's story
C. Canada " V0N 1A0 One lonely Orca with something to prove July 15, 2003 (Seattle Times Editorial) The story of Springer, the not-so-little orphan orca, is of an international gamble that this baby, who separated from her pod after her mother apparently died, could successfully be reunited with her non-immediate relatives. The lonely orca had ...

Orca Network Free Lolita Update - #5
Lone orca calf in Puget Sound March 3, 2002 Dear Friends of Lolita, We have two items for you today A lonely orca ... lonely calf was discovered in Puget Sound near Vashon Island, just a few miles from downtown Seattle. Since the calf was first seen orca ... proceeds to fund competitive grants for scientists conducting orca research. "The need for (orca) research funding is critical and the department ... More from this site

Thelma Palmer - The Tree That Went Walking
Orca songs up into the limbs of the tree. It was a mighty and mysterious music ... . Owl said he wanted to stay on with Adie so she wouldn't feel so lonely in this strange place. Adie was very tired and so was Serena, but the girl ...

Dolphin Care UK -
East Coast South Coast West Coast Moray Firth About dolphins Atlantic White sided Bottlenose Common Orca Risso Striped White Beaked Porpoise Other Information Site Map Site Links Awards Rate this site ... sadly, they often float motionless in their tanks between shows because they are bored or lonely. It's ok to use captive-born dolphins, right? Wrong While countless dolphins are still ...

Scuba Diving -
The first commercially available dive computer, the Orca Edge, is introduced. In the next decade many manufacturers ... Great White Shark Coelacanth Tiger Shark Bull Shark Giant Squid Orca (Killer Whale) Colossal Squid Jumbo Squid Bottlenose Dolphin Blue Whale ...

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