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Primates. Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are divided into three subspecies: (1) western lowland gorillas (Gorillas gorilla gorilla), (2) eastern lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla graueri), and (3) mountain gorillas ... western lowland gorillas living in the wild in West Central Africa. This gorilla is also the type most often seen in zoos. The eastern lowland ...

Lowland Gorilla
Lifespan: 45-50 years Gestation: 237-285 days Offspring: Usually single birth. Twins are extremely rare, although twin lowland gorillas were born at the Bronx Zoo in 1995. Size: Captive males can reach over 400 pounds. In the wild, males have been recorded at 375 pounds. Diet: Lowland gorillas are ...

National Geographic Coloring Book: Gorilla Picture
National Geographic Explorer Classroom Magazine Homework Help Illustration by Natalya Zahn Western Lowland Gorillas The huge lowland gorilla moves through the forests of central Africa on all fours, searching for plants, worms, and insects. Their heads (lower left) are larger and wider than their relatives, mountain gorillas ... : gorilla hotlinks
Lowland Gorillas Creature Feature - Gorilla Mountain Gorilla Protection Western and Eastern Gorillas Western Lowland Gorilla Facts Western Lowland Gorilla Fact Sheet African Wildlife Foundation - Gorillas Animal Bytes: Western Lowland ... : great apes : gorillas
Western lowland gorillas in Gabon will eat insectes, the most favorite being the weaver ant. Some populations consume ... of succulent herbs that they do not need to drink much water (Estes, 1991). The lowland gorillas tend to consume more fruit than the mountain subspecies (Fleagle, 1988). This is a diurnal ... More from this site

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Mountain gorillas have longer, silkier fur, particularly on the arms, while western lowland gorillas ...

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Explore Congo's national parks with Russ and learn more about how these gentle giants live.   HOW: GCF Partners to Protect Eastern Lowland Gorillas ...

Gorillas - Photos, Sounds, and Information
Gorillas The western lowland gorilla is found in the African countries of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Congo, and Equatorial Guinea. The easternmost range of the western lowland gorilla is the Oubangui River ~Photo Gallery~ Baby Gorilla Mother and baby Sucking Thumb Gorillas at Play Resting Gorilla Stretching Arm ...

Gorillas - Photos, Sounds, and Information
In lowland regions with many fruiting trees, gorillas tend to spend more time off the ground, climbing trees and sometimes brachiating (swinging by their arms). Unlike the other great apes, gorillas travel, eat ... distance of several hundred yards to a mile or more in a day. In lowland forests where gorillas eat a substantial amount of fruit, the slow passage of seeds through their digestive ... More from this site

Gorillas Zoo conditions have changed dramatically for gorillas in recent years, as our understanding of their biology has developed. Gorillas were not described by science until ... gorillas in nine British zoos (all the Western Lowland subspecies), and two zoos in particular, Howletts Zoo and Jersey Zoo, have between them set new standards for the keeping of gorillas ...

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