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How To Make Soap
First Let's Make The Lye In making soap the first ingredient required is a liquid solution of potash commonly called lye. The lye solution ... lye stronger, the solution can either be boiled down more or the lye solution can be poured through a new batch of ashes. To make a solution ...

PVC pipe, showering caustic solution everywhere. VERY BAD!! The Generator is filled halfway with a solution of potassium hydroxide and water. ... chlorine gas. Check the label carefully before using it. "Red Devil" Lye does work, but it tends to deposit an undesirable brown ... supplier such as The Science Company and mix your own solution. Add 15 grams of potassium hydroxide to 1 liter of ...

Kitchen Biodiesel
Supercedes: 05/11/04 SODIUM HYDROXIDE 1. Product Identification Synonyms: Caustic soda; lye; sodium hydroxide solid; sodium hydrate CAS No.: 1310-73-2 Molecular Weight: 40.00 ... tin, and zinc cause formation of flammable hydrogen gas. Sodium hydroxide, even in fairly dilute solution, reacts readily with various sugars to produce carbon monoxide. Precautions should be taken including ...

making biodiesel at home com - Biodiesel Production
More on this later) is performed on the oil, a measured amount of caustic soda (Lye) is added into the Catalyst Premix Tank 3.) You add methanol to the Catalyst Premix ... pump created by the circulation. This will then become a mixture of glycerin and biodiesel solution 5.) After the mixture is completely mixed, you allow it to settle. At that point ...

making biodiesel at home com - biodiesel home kits
Methanol (from local go-cart track) Red Devil Lye (from grocery or hardware store) A water heater is the best solution for a home biodiesel kit processor for a lot of ... More from this site

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