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Yomiko Magnet, and Elephant with sound from Wild Republic. These are Ganz elephants. They include the Ganz Elephant Hand Puppet, Effie the Elephant, Elephant Page Pal, Elephant Bungeeroo and little Elephant Magnet Mate ...

Ty and is a Punkies called Treetop, and then we have a little Giraffe Magnet Mate from Ganz, the yellow giraffe in the middle is called a JellyBean Giraffe from Baby ... bull giraffe weighs two tons. A cow is two or three times shorter than her mate and weighs about 12 hundred pounds. Alligator | Antelope | Camel | Cheetah | Elephants | Fennec Fox | Giraffe | Gorilla ... More from this site

Mountain Gorilla, Article by Adrian Warren - page 1 of 6
He is the emotional centre, the magnet of the group. His power not only derives from his size but the fact that ... callous act to us but one which brings the female into oestrus for him to mate and thus ensure his own blood line. In the gorillas' social structure where the breeding ...

Global Forest Science - GF In the News
West Slope Cutthroat. "When the two fish mate they hybridize. Several generations later the poor little buggers end up with a gene pool ... being protected by catch and release restrictions. "I think it could end up being a magnet. I think fly fishermen in particular would be attracted to a lake if they knew ...

Capybara Sounds
Shirt | Magnet | Tote Bag | Mousepad More About Capybaras ... "The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochae ris) is the largest of living rodents". Capybaras are excellent swimmers, and have partially webbed feet. They mate in the ...

Wolf Posters
Poster | Magnet | Tote Bag | Mousepad | Coaster Wolf Customize and buy as Poster | T-Shirt | Magnet | Tote Bag | Mousepad | Coaster ... Wolf pack at edge of snowy woods Customize and buy as Poster | Magnet | Tote Bag | Mousepad | Coaster Timber wolf: Timber wolf howling Customize ... occurs in February to May and wolves, unlike dogs, only mate once a year. The gestation period is 61?63 days ... More from this site

Social Attraction
Perhaps he was showing off for his mate (who was incubating eggs) by challenging these two "wood-be" martins. Mirrors. Mirrors provide another ... a colony of martins is attracting the first breeding pair, which acts as a strong magnet, drawing in visitors from colony sites many miles away, as well as wandering martins. There ...

The Big Three...Other Factors That May Prevent Purple Martins From Colonizing New Sites
Additionally, females would have a greater opportunity to mate with an experienced ASY male. Her genetic legacy is her ... concentration of martins and multiple nest sites is a biological magnet for all martins in the area. The Big Three Are Powerful ... More from this site

NSF Current - August 2008
What is RSS? Tongue-in-Cheek Technology Maysam Ghonvanloo (left) points to a small magnet attached to graduate student Xueliang Huo's tongue. Credit: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech Researchers have ... Only Fish That Talk An artists representation shows the midshipman fish singing to attract a mate. Credit: Nicolle Rager Fuller, NSF From the comedic portrayal of "Mr. Limpet" by Don Knotts ...

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