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Falklands Wildlife Checklist
(Firebird) Fairy Prion Grey Petrel White-chinned Petrel (Shoemaker, Cobbler) Cory's Shearwater Great Shearwater Sooty Shearwater (Shyer Bird) Manx Shearwater Little Shearwater Macronectes halli Macronectes giganteus Fulmarus glacialoides Thalassoica antarctica Daption capense Pagodroma nivea Lugensa ...

Coastal and Pelagic Birds of Long Island
Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris diomedia) - a common pelagic seabird in late summer. Can sometimes be seen from land. Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) - an uncommon to occasional pelagic seabird during the summer months; probably found offshore during the winter too. Audubon Shearwater (Puffinus Iherminieri) ...

CRESLI checklist of Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles and Pelagic Birds
Family Procellariidae Calonectris diomedea (Cory's Shearwater) Fulmarus glacialis (Northern Fulmar) Puffinus gravis (Greater Shearwater) Puffinus griseus (Sooty Shearwater) Puffinus lherminieri (Audubon's Shearwater) Puffinus puffinus (Manx Shearwater) Family Rallidae Rallus longirostris (Clapper Rail) Fulica ... More from this site

Threatened and Endangered Animals
Vertebrate Pop...Entire Critical Habitat.226.11 Special Rule.....NA Common Name......Shearwater, Newell's Townsend's (formerly Manx) (=`a`o) Scientific Name..Puffinus auricularis (=puffinus) newelli Historic Range...U.S ...

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