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Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre
L M M D brown snake food chain lake Erie water snake map turtle midland chorus frog midland painted turtle migration mobility northern water snake queen snake redbelly snake gray ... Again...and the turtles are grateful VIDEO (News Clip): - SHELL REPAIR courtesy: CHEX Newswatch TURTLE HEROES: - Scott Gillingwater - Dr. Ron Brooks - Dr. David Galbraith ARTICLES: - SPECIES PROFILES - SPECIES RECOVERY ...

Frank's Herp Links - Turtle Links
Turtle 10) Yellow Mud Turtle 11) The Spotted Turtle 12) The Mississipi Map Turtle 13) The Blanding's Turtle 14) The Black-Knobbed Sawback 15) The Loggerhead Musk Turtle 16) The Red Eared Slider 17)Malaysian Water Turtle ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Turtle & Tortoise
Indian word meaning "a little turtle.” Turtle shell trivia Turtles and tortoises have hard, protective shells ... , and even cactus. Some are specialists: the leatherback turtle and the hawksbill turtle Eretmochelys imbricata dine on jellyfish, even poisonous ones. ... kind of like a bird’s beak. Some species, like map turtles Graptemys sp. and the river terrapin Batagur baska, ...

Turtle, Tuatara, Crocodile Checklist--Index
Black pond turtle Black river turtle Black softshell turtle Black spine-necked swamp turtle Black spotted turtle Black terrapin Black turtle Black wood turtle Black-breasted hill turtle Black-breasted leaf turtle Black-knobbed map turtle ...

Journey North: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Updates
N, 75.815W or 37.246N,62.350W Turtle #9038 No data received.) Turtle #9039 Feb. 1: 38.290N, 62.320W or 50. ... is because the satellite receives two readings as it passes over the turtle--but only ONE of the reading tells the accurate location. Therefore, ... Your Turtle Task is to find the turtles: (1) Find or make a map of the ocean in which these turtles are located. (2) For each turtle, plot ...

Journey North: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Updates
Activity: Go to the library and find an atlas or some other map of the atlantic ocean that shows the physical features and depths of ... different food is available depending on how deep the ocean is ? Data: Turtle# 09037 Jan. 19: 32.904N, 78.217W Jan. 21: 32.820N, 78 ... the ocean area where each turtle was swimming on the date and location shown on the table below: Turtle # Date Lat Long How Deep? 9037 ... More from this site

Painted Turtle
Painted Turtle [ Home ] [ By Location ] [ Birds ] [ Bugs ] [ Fish ] [ Mammals ] [ Reptiles ] [ Nature Photography Guide ] [ Nature Photographers ] [ Site Map ] Click on a picture to enlarge... Swimming On a favorite log Who said turtles can't climb trees? Ready for a high-dive!

Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtle [ Home ] [ By Location ] [ Birds ] [ Bugs ] [ Fish ] [ Mammals ] [ Reptiles ] [ Nature Photography Guide ] [ Nature Photographers ] [ Site Map ] Click on a picture to enlarge A baby turtle... is it a snapper? More from this site

ESA Turtle List
Washington & Oregon: Leatherback Sea Turtle (E), Dermochelys coriacea Loggerhead Sea Turtle (T), Caretta caretta Green Sea Turtle (E), Chelonia mydas Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (E), Lepidochelys olivacea Sightings ... Publications Biological Opinions Public Consultation Tracking System (PCTS) Consultation Initiation Template Site Map 7600 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115-0070 206-526-6150 Email ...

turtle conservation fund
This world map shows the locations of the projects that we have supported through the Turtle Conservation Fund. Click ... turtle facts the marine turtles flatback turtle green turtle hawksbill turtle kemp's ridley turtle leatherback turtle loggerhead turtle olive ridley turtle turtles in trouble turtle links you can help fundraising education talk turtle talk turtle letters scottish turtle ...

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