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Marineland Ontario
Marineland Ontario provided by Tiggerlily. picture of Marineland Ontario provided by Jason Kelly. pictures of Marineland Ontario provided by Brittany Morin. picture of Marineland Ontario provided by ka_orca. picture of Marineland Ontario provided by Orcaloverw. pictures of Marineland Ontario ...

Captive Orca Statistic
(Feb 2004). Kiska ? F Iceland 10/1979 Marineland Ontario Kiska was about 3 years old when captured. She measures about ... 770 pounds (Jan 2008). Ikaika Katina M captivity 08/25/2002 Marineland Ontario Ikaika measures about 11.9 feet and weighs in at 1, ... 960 pounds (Jan 2008). Athena Kiska F captivity 08/08/2004 Marineland Ontario Athena measures about 9 feet and weighs in at 1,500 pounds ... More from this site

Niagara Falls - Attractions
Marineland Theme Park The original Marineland brochure is located on Portage Road (above Dufferin Islands) in the City of ... about this attraction, visit the History of Power section. 37.) Ontario Hydro & Robert Moses Portal Gates Ontario Hydro Water Intake Gate The Ontario Hydro Portal Intake Gate structures are located along the Niagara ...

Niagara Falls - Attractions Price List
Falls Avenue (Ontario) Free Access 1-800-263-7135 Mystery Maze Oneida Lane (Ontario) Adults $7.99 Children $6.99 + tax (905) 357-4330 Ext. 6067 Marineland Portage Road (Ontario) Adult $38.95 - Children $31.95 Seasonal May-October Niagara SkyWheel 177 feet (54 m) 4950 Clifton Hill (Ontario) Adults $9.99 Children $5 ... More from this site

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