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NE Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins Callithrix argentata Silvery marmoset Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins Callithris penicillata Black tufted-ear marmoset Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins Callitrix geoffroyi Geoffroy's marmoset Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins Callithrix aurita Buffy tufted-ear marmoset E Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins Callithrix flaviceps Buffy-headed marmoset E Brazil Marmosets & Tamarins ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Monkey
Gestation: from 4 to 8 months, depending on species Size at birth: largest—baboon, 21 to 31 ounces (600 to 900 grams); smallest—pygmy marmoset, 0.5 ... from rain forest trees, unless that wood is certified. Some rain forest products, such as Brazil nuts, actually help protect monkey habitat, because they can only be harvested from healthy rain ...