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Gallatin Writers - Key People
Ramona Marotz-Baden and currently serves as chairman of both organizations. Baden also co-founded the Environmental Management MBA program at the University of Washington. Baden and his wife, Ramona Marotz-Baden, own and operate a ranch in the Gallatin Valley of Montana and an orchard near Zillah, Washington. RAMONA MAROTZ-BADEN, PH.D. ...

Gallatin Writers - Activities
Hole Valley of Montana Directed by Ramona Marotz-Baden, Ph.D. Southwestern Montana's upper Big Hole valley has only recently attracted outsiders. Ramona Marotz-Baden, Gallatin's program coordinator, has ... expense of local communities, national taxpayers, and sustainable forest ecosystems. In 1971 John Baden debated Milton Friedman at the University of Montana. This led to the article "Externality ... More from this site

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