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Marsh Fork Elementary School.

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Marsh Fork Elementary School. (24 kb) MFE Postcard.docWord DocumentPost card to the Governor about Marsh Fork Elementary School (440.5 kb) MFE Postcard blank.docWord DocumentPost card to Gov. Manchin about Marsh Fork Elementary School with blank front to draw him a picture. (30 kb) MFE Timeline.docWord DocumentTimeline of events at Marsh Fork Elementary School (135 ... More from this site

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Governor Joe Manchin granted an impromptu meeting with Ed Wiley, grandfather of a Marsh Fork Elementary School Student. Ed Wiley, who went on a hunger strike earlier this morning, ... the Governor addressed his concerns regarding the health and safety of the students of Marsh Fork Elementary School. Coalfield citizens arrested delivering demands to Massey headquarters Richmond, Virginia, Jun 30, ...

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Marsh Fork. 2nd loading silo above Marsh Fork Rejected! posted August 21, 2006 The WV Department of Environmental Protection rejected Goals Coal's second attempt to put another coal loading silo behind Marsh Fork ... says WV Governor broke promise on Marsh Fork Elementary posted October 7, 2005 A citizensí group and concerned parents of the children at Marsh Fork Elementary School in the Coal River ... More from this site

Mountain-Top Removal Mining in Appalachia | Erik Reece | Orion magazine
West Virginians and activists protest outside a coal processing plant that stands just upwind from Marsh Fork Elementary School, where students have suffered a rash of illnesses. Consider the story of Debra ... at Buffalo Creek, West Virginia, killing 125 people. Two hundred and eighty children attend the Marsh Fork Elementary School. It is unnerving to imagine what damage a minor earthquake, a heavy ...

Coal in the classroom -
The remnants of Larry Gibson's family farm is surrounded by mountaintop removal mines. Marsh Fork Elementary School is near the foot of Kayford Mountain. A mountaintop removal mine, with the ...

Anti-coal protesters take fight to Richmond -
Massey operation near Sundial, W.Va. There the company runs a strip mining operation near Marsh Fork Elementary School. A coal loading silo stands within 200 feet of the school. The state ... . "Anything built by man is prone to failure," said Julia Bonds, grandmother of a former Marsh Fork Elementary student. "I think they're rolling the dice with people's lives, is what ... More from this site

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Time_fed_for Feeding_method Young_loss Cause_of_ young_loss First_breeding_age Hatching_success Fledging_success Accipiter gentilis (Linnaeus 1758) Goshawk fork in large tree or on branch, 10-20m above ground n/k solitary ... success 67.6% success; 4.1 young fledged per female Acrocephalus palustris (Bechstein 1798) Marsh Warbler tall dense vegetation and low medium scrub 20-200cm above ground n/ ...

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Michigan Sand Dune Protection Alliance for the Great Lakes Tracks the history ... Park Service The park contains nearly 165 acres and preserves the remains of the South Fork Dam and portions of the former Lake Conemaugh bed. Lower Delaware National Wild & Scenic River ...

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Resource Impact 9 Technical assistance to the National Park Service 10 Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area Trail Impact Assessment and Monitoring 11 Research to Support ... a cowbird-host comparison 44 Wetland management reduces dispersal of breeding European ducks, Engure Marsh, Latvia 45 Sexual selection affects local extinction and turnover in bird communities 46 Biogeography, ...

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