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Native Plant Gardening with the Canadian Museum of Nature
Fragrant White Water Lily Marsh Marigold Turtlehead Meadow Many meadow plants don't mind dry conditions and need lots of light. ... material to the soil. Maidenhair Fern Wild Ginger Foamflower Native Garden Plants Pond Edge Marsh Marigold Turtlehead Water Lily Meadow Canada Goldenrod Wild Bergamot Wild Columbine Woodland Foamflower Maidenhair Fern Wild ...

Listing of Native Wildflowers, Grasses and Sedges by their common names
Wildflower common names M Mad Dog Skullcap - Scutellaria laterifolia Marsh Blazingstar - Liatris spicata Marsh Marigold - Caltha palustris Maryland Senna - Cassia marilandica Maximilian Sunflower - ... Tall Coreopsis - Coreopsis tripteris Tall Thimbleweed - Anemone virginiana Thimbleweed - Anemone cylindrica Turtlehead - Chelone glabra Wildflower common names U Upland White Aster - ...

Plants and seeds Scientific Names
Bur Marigold" Compositae 21,000 July - Oct more info Boltonia asteroides - "False Aster" Compositae 160,000 Aug - Oct more info Scientific Names - C Caltha palustris - "Marsh Marigold Ranunculaceae ... info Cephalanthus occidentalis - "Buttonbush" Rubiaceae 6,000 June - Aug more info Chelone glabra - "Turtlehead" Scrophulariaceae 92,000 July - Sept more info Cicuta maculata - "Water Hemlock" ... More from this site

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