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Coal River Mountain Watch :: Home
Coal River Valley of West Virginia. However, Massey Energy has plans to mine 6600 acres of the mountain - almost 10 square miles. Fortunately, there ... surface mines combined. The proposed mountaintop removal mine on Coal River Mountain · Create Energy – Provide 440MW or enough energy for 150,000 homes – indefinitely, as well as a sustained tax income ...

Pennies of Promise
It does defy logic, but these pictures clearly show that Massey Energy did in fact put a coal loading silo within 200 ... and then allowed the second too before it was discovered that Massey Energy had purposefully moved the permit boundaries to allow the silo to ... music to the governor's office. The coal silo operated by Massey Energy releases chemical-laden coal dust into the air which is ... More from this site

Mining Companies' Donations
Updated info: Mining PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates, 2005-2006 Energy & Natural Resources Total Amount: $1,901,044 Total to Democrats: $ ... PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates, 2005-2006 VIEW FULL SECTOR: Energy & Natural Resources Select a Cycle: 2008 2006 2004 2002 2000 ... $ 86,246 $ 21,000 $65,246 Lignite Energy Council $ 5,500 $ 4,000 $ 1,500 Massey Energy $ 1,000 0 $ 1,000 Mine Safety ...

Mountain Justice Summer - Coalfield citizens arrested delivering demands to Massey headquarters
Massey Energy's headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, insisting that Massey respond. Two were arrested for trespassing when they refused to leave the premises until Massey responded to their ... they demonstrated at Massey Energy Co.'s offices in downtown Richmond. Hanna Thurman and Herb Elkins of Coal River Mountain Watch were led in handcuffs from a vestibule at Massey's Fourth ...

Mountain Justice Summer - 16 arrested while attempting to deliver demands to Massey
OHVEC State Police arrest 16 at Massey site WHITESVILLE, W.Va. (AP) -- State Police arrested 16 people Tuesday and cited them for trespassing at Massey Energy's Goals Coal processing facility. The 16 were part of about 150 environmentalists protesting at the plant, said Sgt. Wayne Vessels. The group wants Massey to close ... More from this site

Mountain-Top Removal Mining in Appalachia | Erik Reece | Orion magazine
And why is a Tampa-based energy company—or Peabody Coal in St. Louis, or Massey Energy in Richmond, Virginia—allowed to destroy communities throughout Appalachia? As ... variety of illnesses. The school, a small brick building, sits almost directly beneath a Massey Energy subsidiary’s processing plant where coal is washed and stored. Coal dust settles like ...

Looking Cheap Electricity in the Face | Orion magazine
Manhattan. Gunnoe had come to protest the practice of mountaintop removal mining at a Massey Energy shareholders meeting. Two days later, Caskey left for the Cumberland Plateau, where she made these ... More from this site

Anti-coal protesters take fight to Richmond -
Gibson at Massey Energy's door were easily big enough to fill ... Massey building was coming out and none of the protesters was going in. More than 250 protesters marched from Monroe Park to the energy ... Massey officials declined the protesters' chanted invitation to come out on the street and talk. But the company did release a statement before the rally began. "Massey Energy ...

Activists study Mountain Justice -
Debbie Jarrell were arrested while trying to deliver a list of demands to Massey Energy officials near Marsh Fork Elementary School. Earlier that day, two MJS participants delivered the list ... More from this site

Welcome to the Energy Management Association of New Zealand
Energy Managers and Auditors may find of interest. If you have any further suggestions or updates please email Courses of intereset - Massey University (please click to download PDF) Courses of interest (please click to download PDF) EMANZ Energy Management 2 Day Workshops These are run periodically (click to download 2007 details) Energy ...

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