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Jesse Ventura 2 1 2 5 Brooklyn Art Museum exhibit vs. Mayor Giuliani 2 2 1 5 Egypt Air Flight 990 2 1 1 1 5 Barak and ...

Mexico 1 1 Waldholz investigation 1 1 Japan rape case 1 1 Mayor Giuliani of New York City 1 1 media mergers: Westinghouse/CBS and Disney/ABC 1 1 ... More from this site

Traffic-calming: A Whirligig at Work In New York Neighborhoods
Despite New York and Mayor Giuliani's Great Barrier Wars against pedestrians in Midtown Manhattan, the fine art of traffic calming ...

The Courthouse as a Bastion Against Terror
The architecture of paranoia is pervasive, from gated communities to fortified post office entries to Mayor Giuliani's city hall turned into an armed pullback zone. For decades, federal buildings like the ... More from this site

Modern Ferret Magazine - pet ferret care tips, information, fun, and more!
Read the rabies information we sent to each City Council Member. (Although the DoH and Mayor Giuliani think otherwise, ferrets are not a significant rabies risk.) Shop Online! - Our ...

Modern Ferret Magazine - Notices and What's New
City Council Members and Mayor Giuliani, and compiling pro-ferret information. See our Press Releases page for more information (this may ... More from this site

NPC Resources: ROAR
Membership Did You Know? Facts1 Facts2 Letter to Borough President Molinari Letter to Mayor Giuliani Top NPC Online Library NPC Law Library NPC Noise News NPC Resources NPC Home Residents ... NPC Noise News NPC Resources NPC Home The Honorable Rudolph Giuliani Office of the Mayor City Hall New York, NY 10007 Dear Mayor Giuliani: I would like to state my strongest objection to the ...

PeTA's Zeal
Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that he had prostate cancer and ended his campaign for the U.S. Senate, PETA put up billboards depicting the mayor with a milk mustache over the caption, "Got prostate cancer?" The message was based on research suggesting that dairy products may be linked to the disease. The Giuliani ... What if we put Giuliani's picture on this billboard?' " The mayor struck back, ...

Politics and Eggs
Bedford Village Inn. Watch Video Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani 11/26/2007 - Rudy Giuliani (R), Former New York City Mayor at the Bedford Village Inn. Watch Video Senator John Edwards ...

Project 21 Black Conservative Commentary
Term of Endearment? by Mychal Massie Haters Didn't Hurt the Hip-Hop Mayor, He Did by Tara Setmayer When Good Intentions Go Bad, Or Worse by Bob Parks ... Cissell - August 1999 On the NAACP and Boycotts by Kimberley Jane Wilson - August 1999 Rudy Giuliani's Crime-Fighting Policies Save Black Lives by Deroy Murdock - August 1999 The Legal Dis ...

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