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President's Note
She joins the distinguished company of Professor Derek Ford of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, last year's recipient. There will be a third karst ... comments and/or suggestions to: Toby Dogwiler ( Editor KWI Conduit University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Geological Sciences 101 Geological Sciences Building Columbia, Missouri ...

CBCN Partners
... Botanical Gardens, Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario Environment Canada: Ontario Region Biodiversity Convention Office Canadian Wildlife Service McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Biology Department Computing and Information Services Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Ecological Footprints
Ecological Footprints Ecological Footprint Resources These pages were initially prepared for a course at McMaster University, "Heredity, Evolution and the Environment" for the Fall term, 2000, by Dr David A. Galbraith. ... More from this site

Health (UNU-INWEH) is a member of the U.N. University family of organisations McMaster University, Canada. UNU is a member of UN-Water. UNU-INWEH ... Benefits World Water Day, 20 March 2008 New Address: United Nations University, International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) 175 Longwood ...

Ameresco Canada Inc. corporate profile - EarthCARE
Executive Program of York University, as well as Executive Business Programs at Harvard University, the Sloan School of Business (MIT) and the Center ... customized for the Canadian college and university sector. McMaster University was the first university to adopt the Campus Renewal Partnership (CRP), the model for university campus renewal. Home - Program - About Us - News ...

March 2007 (7:00 pm, John Hodgins Engineering Building, JHE 342, McMaster University). <McMaster News> 4th UNU-INWEH Water-Health Seminar -- Dr. Gordon Young speaks about: The ...

Minerals Engineering International Online - Students: Universities and Research Institutions
University, Center for Bioremediation Canada Dalhousie University, DalTech, Minerals Engineering Centre Dalhousie University, DalTech, Minerals Engineering Centre Laurentian University, School of Engineering McGill University, Dept. of Mining, Metals & Materials Engineering McMaster University ...

Board of Directors
Botanist, McMaster University Dr. Sean Graham, Botanist, University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens Mr. Richard Jones (Chair), Business Man, Ontario M. Michel Labrecque, Curator, Montreal Botanical Gardens Dr. Wilf Nicholls, Director, Memorial University of ...

CBCN-L Subscription Link
Department of Computing and Information Sciences at McMaster University on their "Mailman" system. Subscription and other features can be reached from the Web at: CBCN ... More from this site

Royal Roads University - Dr. Marilyn Taylor and Captain (ret-d) Mike Williamson to lead Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership
Humanities Research Council and has conducted research as an Adjunct Professor at McMaster University. Williamson is an accomplished leader with over 31 years experience in the Canadian Forces ... Roads University Site Map | Privacy Statement ©1997-2008  Royal Roads University 2005 Sooke Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Login Navigational Links: Home Discover RRU The University News ...

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