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Nature Writers Canadian Friends of John Muir - Re-discovering John Muir's formative period in Ontario in 1864-1866. Dunbar's John Muir Association - Organization celebrating Muir in his birthplace town ... Hero Website feature on John Muir TerraQuest - Climbing into History John Muir Page Town of Meaford, Ontario, John Muir Page Tribute to Mayme Kimes, Muir scholar Wisconsin Friends of John Muir - help ...

Chronology of the Life and Legacy of John Muir - from his birth to the present day (1914-2002) - John Muir Exhibit
Works at Trout's sawmill and broom and rake factory at Meaford, Ontario. (off-site link) Botanizes in Ontario, discovering the rare orchid, Calypso borealis, the subject of his first ... with Jeanne Carr Historical Context President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated. 1866 February 22 : The Meaford, Ontario factory where Muir had been working burns down. Muir returns to the USA April ...