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Community Solutions: About Us
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, released in May, 2006. Megan Quinn Bachman is the Outreach Director of Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions and has ... bio. Then click on the large image to close it. Pat Murphy Faith Morgan Megan Quinn Bachman Home | The Problem | Our Solutions : Food : Housing : Transportation | New Solutions Reports | Talks & Presentations | ...

Community Solutions: Our Solutions
September 15, 2007 Curtailment and Community: Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change Megan Quinn Bachman's talk at the International Forum on Globalization Teach-In in Washington, D.C. ... Megan Quinn at the International Forum on Globalization strategy meeting Approaching the End of the Carbon Age; London Word doc January 14, 2006 Our Journey Home: The Power of Community Megan Quinn ... More from this site

New currencies | Energy Bulletin
June 2, 2008 Solutions & sustainability - Mar 2 Staff, Energy Bulletin Clothing (partially) made in Vermont Megan Quinn Bachman interview WorldChanging: How are you preparing to survive? archived March 2, 2008 Economics - Dec 2 ...

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